15 (Attractive) Bad Apples Who Will Steal More Than Your Heart

We've all heard of Jeremy Meeks, right? He's the convicted felon whose sultry mugshot landed him a lucrative modeling contract. He went from wearing an orange jumpsuit and shackles to donning the finest designer duds thanks to his good looks. But he's not the only seasoned criminal who's making jaws drop and heads turn.

The Internet has become obsessed with scouring jail and prison databases to find the hunks and gorgeous gals that are breaking the law...and looking pretty dang good while they're at it. The people on our list are very attractive, and if they could only get their lives in order, we could definitely see them on the front page of a fashion magazine or walking alongside Meeks on a New York Fashion Week runway.

Aside from their beauty, we have to admit that some of their crimes are pretty heinous. You'll see everything from an abusive babysitter to a set of twins who have a thing for explosive devices. If they thought their good looks would be their key to getting off easy for their shocking crime spree, they were wrong! Here are some of the world's most attractive babes behind bars who will steal more than your heart.

15 America's Next Top Inmate


Someone, please get Tyra Banks on the phone. We've just found the perfect contestant for America's Next Top Model! OK, not really. But Angela Coates' mugshot made Internet users stop dead in their tracks back in 2014. How's it possible for someone to look practically flawless without a hair out of place after getting handcuffed and placed into the back of a squad car? We'll never know.

This 22-year-old Florida native's crime wasn't as bad as some of the other criminals on our list. Coates was locked up for disorderly conduct in Dekalb County, Georgia, and she was released that same day. So you know what that means? We're pretty sure she's somewhere in the U.S. still looking as beautiful as ever while turning every sidewalk into her own personal runway.

On her Twitter, Coates wants everyone to know that beauty doesn't always equate to a glamorous life. She tweeted, "People assume that since I am 'attractive' that my life is perfect. Well, it's not." We guess we'll take her word for it.

14 Not That Innocent


This sweet and innocent-looking North Carolina criminal became the talk of the town when her booking photo hit the Internet.

After surrendering to the authorities on drug charges, Alysa Bathrick took to her Twitter to announce her freedom and to gush over her own mugshot. The woman tweeted, "Surrendered myself at 7 a.m., got released at 11:30 a.m. F--- what you heard. And my mugshot's cute." The Internet agreed with her, and soon enough, her photo had gone viral.

Her mugshot wasn't related to her drug charge though. It was actually taken when she was booked in a Raleigh, North Carolina jail for shoplifting. Despite her various charges, Twitter users were captivated by her, with one user stating, "You got arrested for stealing my heart. Cutest mugshot ever." So cheesy, and yet, so appropriate.

13 Attractive In Orange


You probably recognize this picture as the woman behind the "Attractive Convict" memes. Her name is Meagan Simmons and she was arrested back in July 2010 for reckless driving.

Three years after she was convicted and given a year of probation, someone dug up her old mugshot and immediately drooled over her piercing eyes, her tousled hair, and her perfectly plump pout. Move over, Kylie Jenner!

Some of the captions on the memes read, “I’d like her cell number,” and “Guilty ... Of Taking My Breath Away.” Simmons, a former Hooters waitress and mother of four, never imagined her rap sheet would help her gain Internet notoriety. With her newfound fame, she says her "fans" have offered to pay her bills and take her out on dates. But she admits the attention can get a little crazy sometimes. She told the Huffington Post, "People are really weird. They stalk you, they message you, they say crazy things.”

Oh, to be beautiful.

12 Two-Timing Beauty


If you ignore the fact that it appears she was crying her eyes out at the time this photo was taken, there's no denying that Haeli Way is stunning. We're sure her colleagues at Westlake High School probably thought the same...up until they found out Way was doing the unthinkable with a few of her Math students.

The 28-year-old was charged with having improper relationships with two 17-year-old students. She had intimate encounters with one of her victims 10 times between the months of August and September and she also sent him racy pictures. He alerted the authorities of their encounters after he found out she had gone on a hike and had a relationship with the second victim.

11 Goddess


On one hand, Mirella Ponce looks like one tough cookie. But on the other hand, she's pretty gorgeous if you ask us...tattoos and all!

The 20-year-old gang member was arrested on felony weapons charges. When the Fresno Police Department shared her mugshot on their Facebook page, social media users didn't even care that she was charged with toting a stolen purple firearm while driving around with her infant child in the backseat. All they cared about was how smoking hot she looked!

Sporting an impeccable makeup application with her eyebrows on fleek and wavy hair that perfectly framed her face, Ponce's good looks made everyone forget that she was facing some hard time behind bars.

10 Scientifically Stunning


In March 2017, Sarah Fowles, a Science teacher at a Texas high school, was busted for engaging in inappropriate conduct with a 17-year-old student. After a lengthy investigation, she was ordered to turn herself in to authorities.

Her three-year teaching career came to an end, but not before the Internet began fawning over her mugshot. For someone who was facing some stiff charges, Fowles looked happier than a pig in mud in her photo. Her mega-watt smile may not get her off the hook with the law, but at least her sunny disposition brightened up some Internet users' day.

9 I'm GorJess, Now Give Me Your Money


A Florida woman was living the high-life when she concocted the perfect scam to defraud businesses out of thousands of dollars.

41-year-old Jessie Alexander - or GorJess as we prefer to call her - pretended to be friends with Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, and Mel Gibson to entice businesses to give her $23,750 in hopes that she would promote their companies on a TV show. Instead, this vixen took the money and spent it on fancy, expensive dinners and spa treatments to maintain her flawless beauty!

She was charged with fraud, but she still managed to take one of the prettiest mugshots we've ever seen.

8 DWB - Driving While Beautiful


30-year-old Jennifer Jenson went out for a ride and ended up causing a three-vehicle accident. When police arrived, they determined that not only was she driving without proof of insurance, but she was wasted, too!

Jensen was booked on charges of driving under the influence, and thankfully, no one was severely injured in the accident although one driver had to be taken to the hospital.

Despite her charges, Jensen mustered up a sexy smirk as she posed for her pretty mugshot photo that has since gone viral.

We're sure she won't have any problems getting suitors to put some money on her books.

7 Brains And Beauty?


There are some people who hit the genetic lottery in terms of their good looks. And people soon find out that they're more than just a pretty face when they realize the person has brains, too. But, sadly, some don't believe Shannon Csapilla fits the bill of being blessed with brains and beauty.

The Connecticut woman had an inkling that her friend was hooking up with her ex-boyfriend. So she took a pair of keys and etched the word "wore" into two vehicles. And yes, she clearly forgot to write the "h." We're going to cut her some slack because she was obviously in distress at the time. She even clapped back at her critics on her Instagram by saying, "Don't worry, I'm not an English major."

Csapilla is sexy and she knows it, and she reportedly told a friend that the boys in blue treated her like a queen while they questioned her. She tweeted, "At least the boys were nice enough to buy me dinner in there." But in the end, her breathtaking mugshot only earned her two counts of first-degree criminal mischief.

6 Flawless (Ex) Fiancée


Mary Catherine Hunt didn't take her breakup lightly. This blonde bombshell was accused of stealing $2.1 million worth of jewelry from her ex-fiancé, Scott Mitchell.

Mitchell ended up suing Hunt and her parents, claiming they helped her hide the three diamond necklaces, 147 gold rings, and 172 loose diamonds she stole from one of his vaults.

Hunt denied the charges, but Mitchell said she was the only one with the code to the vault. Surveillance videos also showed Hunt and her mother at a UPS store. They reportedly told the clerk they were shipping a laptop, but they had the package insured for the maximum dollar amount of $50,000.

Mitchell was seeking $6.1 million from his gorgeous ex and her family to cover the value of the stolen jewelry and for damages.

5 Prison Bae


20-year-old Mekhi Alante Lucky earned the name "Prison Bae" when this mugshot was released. He had been arrested in April 2016 for speeding and driving a stolen vehicle, but he had a rap sheet that was much more lengthy.

Lucky had also been arrested for assaulting a woman, breaking and entering, resisting arrest, and parole violations. Thankfully for him, a modeling agency decided to ignore his past history and focus on his handsome face instead, including his uniquely colored eyes. He signed a modeling contract with St. Claire Modeling and has since appeared in various ads. We're just glad he's finally putting his good looks to good use.

4 Mommy Mayhem


If this were just a regular photo, there would be no debate about how gorgeous Bridget Garcia is. But once you hear about the act she committed, you might not be so quick to make her your Woman Crush Wednesday.

The 32-year-old was arrested after she instructed her 13-year-old son to stay at home for being defiant. Her son wasn't having it, so as Garcia drove away from their home with her three other kids in the vehicle, her son jumped on the hood of her car. Instead of putting on the brakes, Garcia continued backing out the driveway, then drove forward before slamming on the brakes, sending her son flying to the ground!

Garcia was arrested and her son was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

3 Mugshot Princess


It looks like Sarah Seawright just stepped out of a hair salon to pose for a picture, but in fact, this just so happens to be one of the prettiest mugshots we've ever seen.

The attractive convict has been arrested for various crimes, including failure to appear in court, careless driving, robbery, kidnapping, and battery. Once her mugshot hit the web, thousands of people were captivated by her good looks. Upon her release, she capitalized on her beauty by urging her new "fans" to follow her on Snapchat where she allegedly posted a video saying, "F*** the judge."

Something tells us the court won't be too happy about that.

2 Good Looks, Bad Behavior


Moriah Gonzales has an adorable baby face, and she doesn't even look like she's old enough to watch kids on her own. But in fact, she was 20-years-old when she took this mugshot.

Someone trusted her to watch their 13-month old son...something that later turned out to be a huge mistake. Gonzales was caught on camera in the toddler's bedroom trying to calm the baby down as he cried his heart out. In the footage, she was seen placing her hands over the baby's mouth to muffle his cries. The baby then squirmed and kicked his legs before going limp.

She then placed the baby back into his crib and left him alone in the room. After reviewing the video, the parents called the police and Gonzales was arrested and charged with felony child abuse.

1 From Twinning In Life To Losing In the Courtroom


Yes, I'll have a double scoop of hotness with a side of crazy, please!

In 2016, twin 22-year-old college students Caleb and Daniel Tate spent their entire college winter break making explosive devices. They then went on a bombing streak and detonated the devices all over Lancaster and Chester counties.

After 11 days of bombing random rural areas (using materials they had stolen, might we add), the twins were arrested and charged with dozens of crimes, including arson by explosion, arson by possession of explosive devices, conspiracy, and theft. These dangerous cuties were sentenced to six to 23 months in Chester County Prison, followed by five years of probation. The judge also restricted them from having any sort of contact with each other during their probation.

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