15 Actresses Who Should Fire Their Hairstylist ASAP

We get so used to actresses who typically stick to the same hair color, that when they drastically change it, we recoil. We can’t help it; even celebrities can get it wrong in the salon chair. Maybe it’s their stylist's fault, who knows? They could've recommended a color that was just all wrong for the star. Sometimes, actresses have to change their hair color for a role, which is totally understandable and we usually breathe a sigh of relief when they dye it back.

Sometimes, these actresses go through a makeover period where they are trying to shed some old skin. Who doesn’t love a good makeover, especially after a breakup? It’s like turning into a new you, which is how we justify dating our foolish exes. Onward and upward they say. It could be right after a breakup when a woman typically would change their hair color. Regardless of the reason, there are times when women should just say no to a makeover. We get it, a new year means a new you, but there are just some colors that don’t look right on certain celebrities. So, stop coloring your hair. Sometimes natural is just the way to go.

We've found some actresses that needed to say no to a certain hairstyles or color because they didn’t suit them at all. You can probably think of a few right now that you've seen over the years. Check out these 15 actresses who definitely should fire their hairstylist ASAP!

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15 Anne Hathaway Shocks With Platinum Locks

Anne Hathaway is a stunning actress and one that should definitely stay a brunette forever. There are just some women who have gorgeous brown hair that totally suits them and yet, they change it. We were already unimpressed when she cut her long hair into a pixie cut, but we dealt with it. But when she showed up to the Met Gala in 2013 with a platinum blonde look, we wondered how on Earth her stylish allowed her to do such a thing. Hathaway is not someone that should have ever gone blonde. It changed her look for the worse and if anything, her complexion looked completely washed out. Thank goodness for those smoky eyes because they were the only things that saved her that night. We were thrilled when she returned to her brunette ways and we hope that she never strays again.

14 Jennifer Aniston Takes Messy Hair To A Whole New Level

Jennifer Aniston always looks polished no matter where she goes. She always has her fashion A-game on with both her clothing and her hairstyles. So, it came as a shock to us when she showed up to the We’re the Millers premiere looking like a bomb went off in her hair. This is the style she chose for the event and we’re not sure why. She decided to hit the premiere with the messy look but usually, even a messy look is somewhat put together and this one is not a great look for Aniston at all. We just hope she got a new hairstylist for her next event. We love the pristine look that she often presents.

13 Zooey Deschanel Is Naturally Blonde

Zooey Deschanel is a bombshell — at least when she has dark tresses. She was blonde for a while, but she changed her appearance completely once she became more popular in Hollywood. Remember how she looked in Elf? Sure, she was pretty, that will never change, but the blonde hair really did her a disservice. She looks quite pale as a blonde, but as a brunette, her eyes pop and she has a healthier-looking complexion. The shocking part of all is that Deschanel is a natural blonde. When she switched to dark though, it completely changed her look and we never want her to go back to being a blonde. Sometimes, your natural look is not the way to go.

12 Kat Graham Shakes Off Her Witchy Look

When it comes to Kat Graham, she’s always been an absolute fox, especially when she starred in the Vampire Diaries. We love her natural brunette locks because they really make her eyes pop. We doubt that there is anything that Graham could do to look bad, but going blonde was not a great look for her. It warmed up her already dark skin, but she looks so much better as a brunette. We suppose she wanted a change after Vampire Diaries ended, but we so prefer the brown especially, when it’s a shade darker than her skin. Her skin practically glows when her hair is a dark brown. It isn’t the first time she’s gone lighter, so we know she will return to being a brunette once again. Here's hoping anyways.

11 Pamela Anderson Lost Her Baywatch Style

Pamela Anderson has always been a platinum-blonde bombshell. She was the original Baywatch babe and she’s always been a hottie. We’re not really sure what she was thinking when she showed up to the Golden Globes one year with this hairstyle. If she got this look at a salon, she needs to fire that hairstylist immediately because this was shocking to see. It looked like she had electroshock treatment from Dr. Frankenstein himself. Anderson has always looked her best, so we’re not really sure why she went for the messy hair look to this extreme. We think bedhead looks foxy too, but not if it looks like you were mauled by a grizzly bear. Hopefully, someone gave the girl a brush before she actually went inside to the event. We doubt she made the best-dressed list that year.

10 Jessica Biel Is Not A Blonde Goddess

This girl is a bombshell in her own right and the proud wife of Justin Timberlake. He only has eyes for this gorgeous actress which is why we were disappointed when she dyed her hair blonde. It’s not the first time that she's been blonde either — she's switched back and forth over the years. She’s a gorgeous woman, but she should never go lighter than the ombre look that she has these days. The darker shade brings color to her face and makes her gorgeous eyes pop. She is smouldering with dark hair. When she went blonde, she was almost unrecognizable, which is not great for an actress.

9 Christina Aguilera Is A Snake Charmer

Remember this look? Yeah, so do we and we still can’t believe Christina Aguilera did this to herself. For someone who has always had gorgeous blonde hair, we can’t believe that she would turn it into a bunch of snakes and then go out in public looking like this. When Aguilera came onto the music scene, she was an instant success. She had a stunning voice and she just shot to superstardom. So, maybe she thought she could pull off any look and get away with it. This was a huge no-no and we know darn well she didn’t get this hairstyle all on her own. This is a perfect example of the moment when you know you have to get a new hairstylist.

8 Katharine McPhee Made A Blonde Mistake

When Katharine McPhee went blonde in 2009, she was almost unrecognizable. The change was so drastic, we felt bad for her. If there’s an actress out there that should never change her hair color, it’s Katharine McPhee. She was a blonde when she did Smash, but that was only a wig. We’re not sure what inspired the change, but it was the wrong look for her entirely. It wasn’t long before she returned to a brunette with some caramel highlights and we have to say, the whole look warmed her right up. Some people just aren’t meant to be blondes. The darker tones compliment her skintone and it doesn’t wash her out in the same way the blonde did.

7 Marion Cotillard Cut Too Much Off

Marion Cotillard is a beautiful woman; she has the kind of iconic beauty that lasts for years. Normally, she looks polished and put together no matter what, but there was this one time she threw it all out there and it wasn’t a good look. She doesn’t look too happy in this photo and it may be because her hairstylist cuts her bangs way too short. She showed up to an event with bangs that were very short and choppy. It’s not the first timeshe’s had bangs, but usually, they are off to the side, framing her face quite nicely. This was definitely not her best look and she probably regretted cutting her bangs this short. Bangs can be a nightmare if they aren’t cut properly, especially since you have to wait for them to grow out. We would suggest a much longer bang on Cotillard next time.

6 Victoria Beckham Should Stick To Her Natural Hair Color

This Spice Girl was another celeb who should have never gone blonde. The look was way too severe for her. Victoria Beckham is someone who changes her hair regularly, from long to short, from dark to blonde, but blonde has never been a color that suited her well. Thank goodness she has the tan that she does, otherwise she would look absolutely frightening as a blonde. The best we have ever seen Victoria is when she has long dark hair with highlights. When her hair is dark, it practically glows and it looks so good with her dark eyes. She sports the blonde style regularly and we have to say, it’s a beauty fail on her part.

5 Winona Ryder Is A Fake Blonde

We have never seen a bigger travesty than when Winona Ryder went blonde for her role in Edward Scissorhands. We’re not sure why it was required for the role — surely, they could have just allowed her to be a brunette. But we suppose they wanted to follow the original characters. The problem with forcing a color that is completely unsuited for someone is that it ends up looking fake. No one believed Ryder was a true blonde and it was bad enough to distract us from the movie. She’s definitely not someone that can pull off blonde. Ryder is an absolute fox when she has dark hair, even with highlights in them. The darker the hair, the more her natural features stand out.

4 Mary-Kate Olsen Is The Bride Of Frankenstein

The Met Gala is all about taking risks, and many actresses will push the limits of their attire and so on when they go to the event. We’ve seen some pretty spectacular outfits and hairstyles at the event. But when it came to the Met Gala in 2012, Mary-Kate Olsen failed horribly. Mary-Kate may have pushed it too far with her hairstyle because it was completely out of control. It looked frizzy and to be honest, the look aged her by like 40 years. It looked like she had been electrocuted and we wondered where all her hair went. Usually she leaves it down, but in this case, it was just a mess. We’re not sure what look she was going for in this case, but many people compared her to the bride of Frankenstein which was probably not the look she was aiming for.

3 Angelina Jolie Goes Platinum For Roles

Angelina Jolie is most definitely an actress that should never go blonde, ever. Not only does it not suit her, but it also takes away her bombshell appeal. The only time she goes blonde is for a movie role and thank goodness because it’s not a good look for her at all. She went platinum blonde for her role in Life or Something Like It, and although it’s hard for Angelina to ever be considered ugly, she probably wouldn’t have been considered the hottest woman in the world like she's been called before. She also wore blonde dreadlocks in Gone in 60 Seconds and then she had a really terrible blonde look for her role in Girl Interrupted. These days, she's stuck with her dark locks and it definitely suits her better. The best look she had was for her role in Mr. & Mrs. Smith — it was her signature look and she has never looked better than in that role.

2 Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Not A Blonde Bombshell

Jen has been breaking hearts since the hit TV show Party of Five. It hasn’t stopped there either; she went on to be one of the top female actresses in the industry. She has had a long career in Hollywood and we miss the days when she was a scream queen in I Know What You Did Last Summer. Going blonde was not a good look for her. She seems to flip back and forth over the years from blonde to brunette, though. She seems to be staying dark these days, which is a much better look for her complexion.

1 Lindsay Lohan Should Embrace Her Ginger Look

Lindsay Lohan was an absolute smoke show as a redhead and we are shocked that she still hasn’t returned to her natural hair color entirely. She was a true hottie when she hit the Hollywood scene as a teenager. She wasn’t just popular because of the teen flicks she was in like Mean Girls — it was her overall look that was really unique. That red hair totally suited her and we don’t know why she ever decided to go blonde. She’s been platinum blonde for some time now and it completely drains the color from her face. The red hair totally warmed up her complexion and it made those hazel eyes of hers pop. She was a total knockout. She looks so pale with blonde and it’s just not a color that suits her. We look forward to the day when her red hair may return, heck, we would even accept a brunette.

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