15 Actresses That Make Hollywood Husbands Wish They Were Single

Everyone at some point in their lives has a crush on someone that they work with, it’s inevitable, especially if you become close friends with them and they’re smoking hot. Celebrities are no different from us in that aspect. Sometimes, they develop crushes on their costars while on the job. Some of these actors spend up to 16 hours a day with each other, so it's no surprise they develop a bond. It wouldn’t be the first time either that something happened between two costars or that two costars got hitched.

Sometimes, a crush develops between an actor and his costar, but there’s nothing he can do about it because he’s married. Sure, Brad Pitt may have cheated on Jennifer Aniston with his costar Angelina Jolie, but not everyone cheats. Sometimes, a guy has to crush on a girl from afar because he’s married and not willing to cheat.

We can usually spot these actors form a mile away. They are usually the ones on the red carpet gushing about how awesome their costar is, or they are looking at them in total amazement. These are the actors that probably at times have wished they were single so that they could go after the girl that makes them gush so much. These guys are so infatuated with their costars, they probably have trouble sleeping at night. And who can blame them? Have you seen these Hollywood babes? Here are 15 Actresses That Make Hollywood Husbands Wish They Were Single.

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15 Helena Bonham Carter

It wouldn’t be the first time someone has said they were crushing on Helena Bonham Carter. Her costar Tom Felton from Harry Potter was quite taken by her when they met. At the time, he was dating long-term girlfriend Jade Olivia, but he did have this to say about Carter. "She is completely unique; an English rose with a crazy twist. She wears vintage French clothing and she's very cheeky. Off the set it's all hugs and darlings, then when the camera starts rolling she turns into a complete psycho. It's amazing to watch," he said. That’s a pretty interesting way to describe her, but the actress is popular for a reason. She can play the weirdest characters and they become totally believable. It’s rather remarkable.

14 Rose Byrne

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 18: Actors Zac Efron and Rose Byrne participate in SiriusXM's 'Town Hall' with the cast of 'Neighbors 2' at SiriusXM Studios on May 18, 2016 in New York, New York. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Rose Byrne came onto the scene in the movie Troy where she managed to sway the famous warrior Achilles to die for her in the end. She has had a pretty successful career in Hollywood and she’s become a crush for many of her costars. Zac Efron was her costar in both Neighbours movies and he just adored her. Could you imagine these two as a couple? In this case, it wasn’t Efron that was already married, but Byrne who is married to actor Bobby Cannavale. It doesn’t stop Efron from gushing about how much he likes Byrne, however. "She might be my favourite actress in the world! She's got like a light about her you can't teach or learn. It's really kind of magical. In this movie, she plays a strong, funny, easy-going woman. She's going to redefine what you want a wife to be.”

13 Anna Kendrick

Just because Ryan Reynolds is now married to Blake Lively, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t still crush on his costars. He starred in the movie The Voices with Anna Kendrick and the two of them got to kissing at some point. He definitely thought that kissing Kendrick was amazing and he had no problem talking about it. Block your ears, Blake! He Tweeted that he thought kissing Anna in the movie was like "taking your face to Awesometown." Which is really kind of sweet. Kendrick Tweeted back saying, "That IS the Kendrick-train guarantee. With local stops in Awkwardville and Tolerableshire." She’s definitely one funny girl which is probably another reason why he likes her so much. We don’t see Reynolds leaving Lively anytime soon, though. The two seem to be perfect for each other. When you find a girl willing to pull pranks on you, then you’re pretty golden.

12 Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt were costars in the movie Allied. There were rumors going around at the time that the two were more than just friend and costars. Pitt was still, of course, married to Angelina Jolie at the time and many speculated that she might be getting a taste of her own medicine. It’s possible that Pitt just can’t stay loyal to his wives, who’s to say. Since the rumors were never confirmed, we will chalk it up to Pitt crushing hard on Cotillard. She is a gorgeous woman and men just love the French because they are a little more uninhibited about their way of life. Cotillard was quick to dismiss any rumors that anything was going on between her and Pitt. "No. No, I mean, I don’t give energy to this. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience working with such a visionary director [Robert Zemeckis] and an amazing actor, so that’s all that matters, you know?”

11 Gal Gadot

Who wouldn’t be crushing on Wonder Woman? Gal Gadot is quite impressive both on and off camera. Chris Pine admitted to having a crush on Lynda Carter when she played Wonder Woman in the 1970s hit TV show Wonder Woman. He had a crush on the character which is like most men in the world who read comic books. So, it must have been like a dream come true for him to score a role opposite Gal Gadot, this generation's Wonder Woman, as Steve Trevor in the movie Wonder Woman. It was almost like it was meant to be for Pine to meet Gadot. It’s something that most guys would dream about and it’s obvious that Pine was quite taken with his costar, but Gadot has been married for some time.

10 Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has been a huge star for many years; she came on the scene in the movie Footloose among others. The costar that she had with the biggest crush on her had to be Matthew McConaughey. The two were costars together in the movie Failure to Launch, a romantic comedy that had the two falling in love. McConaughey admitted that he’s always had a crush on Parker even before he was in a movie with her. “I had a big crush on Sarah Jessica [Parker] growing up,” he told PEOPLE magazine. “I did let her know. I don’t know if it was the first day of shooting or the last, but I did let her know.” That must have been incredibly flattering for Parker, we’re not sure what vixen McConaughey was latched to at the time, but Parker has been married for what seems like 100 years, so she definitely wasn’t available.

9 Jennifer Aniston

We could probably make a whole list of the people who have crushes on Jennifer Aniston because Hollywood men are coming out of the woodwork with their confessions. Ashton Kutcher confessed his crush of Aniston somewhere between being married to Demi Moore and Mila Kunis. Aniston was of course with Brad Pitt at the time and Kutcher actually ran into the couple at an event one time. He asked Pitt if he could take his crush out on a date, Pitt told him to go for it, but Aniston turned him down. We are betting that Kutcher wishes she wasn’t in the relationship because by the sound of it he’s been crushing on her for quite some time. Kutcher admitted to having full-on on crush on her since he was a kid and hoped that one day he could take her out on a date. We’re pretty sure that he’s not her type anyway.

8 Angelina Jolie

There have been tons of costars that have had eyes for Angelina Jolie and a lot of them were married at the time that they were in movies with her. Brad Pitt and Billy Bob Thornton were both actors that were married at the time (Thornton was engaged to Lauren Dern) and she ended up taking both of them from their partners. There were some that only got to crush on her, however. There were rumors that both Johnny Depp and James McAvoy had a thing for her when they were costars in movies. The woman has been making men drop to their knees for years and now that she’s single, maybe  some of them will come out of the woodwork.

7 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a girl that many Hollywood men have coveted over the years, but this girl is rarely single long enough to give any of them a chance. She’s been engaged to Ben Affleck and she married both Chris Judd and Marc Antony. This girl doesn’t take much of a break in between her lovers and that might make The Rock a little unhappy. He’s had a crush on Lopez for many years. The Rock has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Lauren since 2007, so he’s not exactly available. “Lauren is going to kill me!” he says jokingly of his longtime girlfriend. “It’s not going to get me in trouble with Lauren because that’s where I’m going to stop. I’ve got the greatest relationship with Lauren,” he says. “I’ve never had this before and it’s so special.” Apparently, he’s not worried about what she’ll say.

6 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is notorious for creating rumors about her and her costars. Married women must cringe as soon as they find out their husbands are about to work with her. It’s not that she’s trying to spread rumors or break up marriages, it’s just the way she is. Many people speculate that she is the reason why her costar Chris Pratt left his wife Anna Faris. She’s just the kind of girl that guys are drawn to, probably because she doesn’t take life too seriously and she’s a hilarious person to be around. It’s just the kind of thing that guys love. We’re pretty sure that most of her costars had a crush on her, especially Bradley Cooper and Chris Pratt. Does she crush on her costars too? Not always — when she was asked about her costars in The Hunger Games she stated that her costars “didn't make [her] horny.”

5 Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams is another actress that The Rock has a crush on and as we know he’s not afraid to admit it. Her costars obviously feel the same way since she has dated many of them. The Rock isn’t the only married celeb that thought McAdams was the cat’s meow. Channing Tatum was her costar in The Vow and the two of them had pretty great chemistry together. It was just as obvious onscreen as it was to the both of them. “We get along really well. We got along right off the bat. So, it sort of happened quite naturally,” McAdams told THR while on the red carpet for the premiere of the movie. “So, it worked.” We would have to agree. She’s also been involved with Ryan Gosling and Michael Sheen, both of whom she worked with in various movies. It’s pretty easy to see the appeal of McAdams; she’s talented and gorgeous.

4 Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is one of the foxiest women in the world and she’s been coveted by many married Hollywood men. After all, it was Ben Affleck who wanted her while he was with Jennifer Lopez. It took a few years, but he ended up getting his lady. Matthew McConaughey is another married actor that thinks Jennifer Garner is pretty amazing. He has a close relationship with Garner since they were once costars together. He’s so close to her, in fact, that he once said, “I could trust Jennifer with anything.” The two have been in multiple movies together and now seem closer than ever. Now that Garner is away from the cheating Affleck, who knows who she will end up with next. Maybe it will be one of the men crushing on her. Wouldn’t that be something?

3 Blake Lively

When Blake Lively first met Ryan Reynolds, it was on the set of Green Lantern. We’re sure that is a movie that they both wished didn’t happen because it was terrible. At the time though, despite their chemistry, Lively was not available to Reynolds. He was actually married to Scarlett Johansson at the time and Lively was dating her Gossip Girl costar, Penn Badgley. It must have been fate, however, that the two met on that movie. The two have spoken about their chemistry together and it sounds pretty epic. They actually went on a double date with other people but realized they should be with each other. “That was like the most awkward date for the respective parties because we were just like fireworks coming across [the table],” Reynolds said.

2 Emma Stone

This redhead is probably capable of breaking a lot of hearts — she’s talented, popular, and drop-dead gorgeous. One costar, in particular, seems to be smitten with Stone and that’s Ryan Gosling. The two have starred in multiple movies together such as La La Land and Crazy, Stupid, Love. When the two are at an event together or on the red carpet, you would swear that they are a couple. Alas, Gosling is with Eva Mendez whom he has a child with. Stone has also been in multiple long-term relationships over the years, so Gosling really never had the chance to ask her out. The two cannot stop gushing about each other in interviews though, and we have to wonder what Mendez thinks about the whole thing. After all, she hasn’t been in a movie in forever. During one interview, Gosling had this to say about Stone, "She’s everything, all the time. There’s no one like her. As soon as she signed on for this movie, I knew it was going to be good.”

1 Jennifer Aniston

People have been crushing hard on Jennifer Aniston for years, so it’s not surprising that some of her costars would be crushing on her. From the moment she came on the scene in Friends, she became a favorite and her costars have appreciated her being around. Why wouldn’t they? Her body is insane and she’s got a smile that could light up the room. When Jake Gyllenhaal met her on the set of The Good Girl, he was pretty smitten with her. Of course, she had already given her heart to Brad Pitt at the time, but Gyllenhaal has no problem gushing about her. "I will say, I had a crush on her for years," he said, "And working with her was not easy. I was — um, yeah. That's all I'm going to say. It was lovely. It wasn't hard, that's what I would say."


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