14 Of The Most Cringe-Worthy Teacher-Student Texts You'll Ever See

Technology was supposed to make life easier for all professions (except those who lost their jobs). But there are a few that have actually ended up suffering severe consequences because of advents of technology. Before we go any further into the topic, we are just going to leave a little advice out in the air for every single teacher reading this article to pick up and take to heart: nothing good comes from your students having your personal cellphone number.

For some reason, it seems like people today think teachers should be just one text message away from their students, regardless of what time it is. That is not true, though. Teachers should answer their students while they are in school during work hours. However, when this barrier is surpassed and teachers give students their phone numbers, they also give students the opportunity to text them outside of regular times, which can often lead to some very nasty misunderstandings and, in some cases, even some jail time. Those might be extreme cases, but you have undoubtedly heard of one or two teachers arrested for sending inappropriate pictures or texts to their students. Either way, we are here to show you all kinds of trouble that can come from teacher-student text conversations.

14 The Inappropriate Student

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It is not at all surprising that sometimes young students can fall in love with their teachers. Hell, there are times in which this seems almost inevitable. Who here has not had a hot teacher they had a crush on? The problem is that today, when a student with a crush has a way to his teacher’s phone, dangerous things could happen.

Teenagers need to realize that teachers give them their phone numbers for school purposes only, so asking your teacher if she will give you extra credit, especially the “Enything” type, is beyond inappropriate. Luckily for us, this teacher had the perfect response to her inconvenient student. The only thing we are left to wonder is whether or not this kid did end up studying. Still, something tells us that he did not finish that class within an A.

13 The Misunderstanding

Okay, we decided to show you the good stuff early on as well. This is the Mona Lisa of cringe-worthy teacher-student texts. The paramount problem of a teacher giving his or her phone number to a student is that keeping communication in an unprofessional level, like texts, makes it easier for a misunderstanding to ruin someone’s career. Actually, when we think about it again, a little misunderstanding could be enough not only to get a teacher fired but in this case, get him to spend some time in jail.

Let’s keep in mind that almost all the students who are going to be featured here are probably still underage, so literally everything this teacher said in his response text could be enough fuel for a good lawyer to put his a*s behind bars for a long time.

12 The Inappropriate Teacher

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We don’t have anything against teachers dating their students’ parents, as long as they are single moms or dads. That being said, this mistaken text is so hilarious we could not leave it out. Just imagine the reactions on both sides of this exchange. Mrs. Wells probably met Jack, Hannah’s father, at a parent-teacher conference which we would not, at first, assume is such a great place to meet men. Nevertheless, it turns out that it could be. If you are a lady teacher looking for a boyfriend, you are welcome for the tip. Now back to the point, the teacher just wanted to get to know Jack a little better. We don’t know exactly what was on her mind, but you can fill in the blanks.

Do you know who else can fill those blanks? Hannah. Yeah, just imagine everything that went through this girl’s mind when she got this text from her teacher.

11 The Dumb Friend

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We all have had a dumb friend at some point in our lives. We don’t know precisely why we are friends with them, but sometimes it’s just the fact that they are always there that makes them your friend. Either way, we care about these people, and they need our help to stay out of trouble and things like that. Emily seems to be that kind of friend. We are sure Hannah must not have been the brightest of people to get her phone confiscated by the teacher during class, but we cannot imagine there being two people in the same room capable of doing something as stupid as what Emily just did.

Seriously, just do the math, Rainman. If your teacher confiscated Hannah’s phone, who will get the text you send Hannah telling her the teacher has taken her phone? SMH…

10 Making Good Use Of A Phone Number

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This might not exactly be qualified as cringe-worthy, but it is priceless nonetheless. Our whole platform here was that a teacher giving his or her students their phone number could lead to a bunch of serious consequences and likely inappropriate behavior from both parts. And yet, we found one little text exchange in which we can kind of relate to the student. This is the sort of guy who will one day become an activist pissing off politicians. There is no way we can say that him texting his math teacher at two in the morning is appropriate, but we do think that his cause is pure.

After all, it is only fair for a teacher to still be awake at two in the morning if she has given her students enough homework so that they still need to be awake at two in the morning.

9 Wrong Text

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A lot of the embarrassing things that have to do with text messaging happen because people don’t check the contact they are sending a text message to. This happens a lot with married people who are trying to send a text to their mistress or something like that and end up sending a text to their spouse or kids instead. You know how devastating that can be to a family, but this here is not that different. Sure, the scale of destruction is not as grand, but mistakenly sending a text to your teacher when it was intended to one of your classmates could end up causing you some problems. That is especially true if the text is about you trying to cheat on a quiz.

We don’t know exactly how this played out in class the next day, but 10 bucks seems like one hell of a sweet deal.

8 This Guy Lucked Out

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Like we said before, it is no secret to anyone that sometimes teachers can be attracted to their students. That is just a fact of nature. It might seem wrong, but it happens. Nevertheless, through the many years in which school has been in place, teachers and students have had to deal with inhibiting their primal attraction to each other. It became part of the routine. At the same time, we don’t doubt that teachers talk to their friends about the beautiful students they had in their class and whatever they wanted to do with them.

Unfortunately for them, today they have to deal with the problem that text messaging can go wrong sometimes. People don’t check their contacts as often as they should before sending a text. This guy just got lucky that the attraction was mutual.

7 A Proud Teacher

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Unlike many teenagers and kids might think, their teachers were young at some point as well. They might not have had as much access to the Internet and phones as students do nowadays, but the struggles were generally the same. They had crushes, they fell in love, they had to turn down idiots, and the list goes on and on. Life is a cycle that repeats itself.

After you jump past that hurdle, you can realize that your teachers don’t really care about what you do with your love life and things like that. What they care about is how you use your grammar. At least, this is what seems to be the case with Mr. Fresco here. Obviously a dedicated English teacher, we do not doubt at all that this wrong text made him prouder than any A Caroline ever got on a quiz.

6 Blackmail City

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If you browse the web looking for cringe-worthy teacher-student text messages, you will come to realize that sometimes it almost seems like the students send messages disguised as AutoCorrect mistakes in order to see the reaction they would get from their teachers. Here is a perfect example of that. Students these days are way more cunning than they were when teachers were in their place, so let this be a warning to teachers that they should really take every text message they get with a grain of salt before jumping to conclusions like Prof. C over here. Don’t end up putting yourself in the position of being blackmailed for the rest of the semester.

From the student’s side, on the other hand, this seems like a stroke of genius. One little AutoCorrect mistake was all it took for this woman to get an A on her course.

5 Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Actually, not all blackmailers make AutoCorrect mistakes might have been a better title for this entry. While a lot of the inciting messages that become cringe-worthy text exchanges between students and teachers started with one of them falling victim to an AutoCorrect mistake, this was a premeditated crime.

This girl must have really, really needed to pass her math test. Or maybe she was just one cruel human being to lay such a devious trap to poor old Mr. Richards. The guy’s probably one of those despicable teachers who drools over his students all week. But still, blackmailing is just nasty. What else could this guy possibly offer that would cover the $500 plus A grades for the rest of the year? It seems like Mr. Richards is going to be out of a job very, very soon.

4 AutoCorrect Strikes Again

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AutoCorrect causes so much trouble every year to so many people that it might even lead a few of us to think that people put the blame on it even in times when that is not warranted. Don’t worry, we are not defending AutoCorrect at all. It is one of the most problematic and headache-inducing tools humanity ever came up with, but at the end of the day, it is only a tool. The whole concept behind AutoCorrect is that it should keep you from making spelling mistakes and keep you from being embarrassed in text conversations. That being said, what the student said is very accurate. Usually, AutoCorrect tailors its corrections to the most frequently used words that seem like the word you’re trying to type.

So, this teacher might not have deliberately called his student a --, but the odds are that he is no stranger to that word.

3 Inappropriate

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Not as harsh as many of the other entries on this list, this is just our way of showing teachers how even the most harmless of student texts can be annoying and inappropriate as hell. Whether we like to admit it or not, young people are not as acquainted with grownup social norms as older folk. That being said, young guys like Jamie must be going through a lot in their lives. Hormones are just the tip of the iceberg, as even a little head nod from a beautiful teacher can be mistaken for second intentions when you are that juiced up on testosterone.

Fortunately, Jamie did not say anything embarrassing in that text, but this should be a word for the wise for teachers who give their phone numbers to students. They will text you at midnight. Sooner or later, that will happen. Just be ready for it.

2 A Great Teacher

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As the name of the profession says, teachers are supposed to teach students. These are the selfless folks who are tasked with the paramount challenge of shaping the minds of future generations. A lot of that goes through literature. While it might seem like people today don’t read as much as they used to, you would be surprised at how many young people are devouring books at a pace that romance novel junkies would be jealous of. When dealing with those people, one of the most significant responsibilities of a teacher is to steer those folks towards proper literature that will actually help them develop new skills and learn something.

That is exactly what Mr. R tried to do. Huckleberry Finn is a classic, a book worth reading more than once. As for Twilight, we will let you be the judge of that.

1 One Hell Of A Field Trip

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For the usual exception in our list, we picked this hilarious conversation between a teacher and a student’s parent. Yeah, the student was not in this conversation, but it played out so perfectly that we could just not help ourselves but show it to you. How perfect is it that the teacher’s phone somehow decided to AutoCorrect “permission slip” to “p*nis session?”

First of all, remember that little entry in which we talked about how AutoCorrect usually changes the words to something you use often? So yes, while the specifics of what a p*nis session would entail remains sort of a mystery to us, it clearly seems like that is something this particular teacher is very fond of and uses often. Luckily for him, Madeleine’s parents did not pick up on that and in a classy manner, decided to go along with the joke.

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