14 Bathroom Selfie Fails These Celebs Should Have Never Posted

Bathroom selfies are the best, aren’t they? There are just times when celebrities make their selfies just as uncomfortable for us as possible. We’ve all probably taken a selfie in the bathroom at one time or another. Usually, it’s all pretty innocent, but then there are times when a bathroom selfie becomes a fail. It could be because of what the celebrity is doing, what’s going on in the bathroom, or just something oddly inappropriate.

A lot of celebrities consider it a good week if they managed to get their nakedness in the bathroom posted on social media. You might be surprised how often it happens, and it’s not just the women. There have been some male celebrities that have caused us to do a double take while scrolling through their pictures.

For whatever reason, these celebrities decided that posting a bathroom selfie was a great idea, but for the most part, these photos are proof of bathroom-selfie fails. They need to be locked away, deleted, and erased from our memories as soon as possible. If you are looking for some entertainment in your life, then check out these 15 bathroom-selfie fails that these celebrities should have checked before posting.

14 Paris Hilton Just Went

You would think at this point that people would check their surroundings before taking and posting a picture. Paris Hilton looked amazing in this bathroom selfie as she posed looking virtually flawless. This is just one example of why you should take a look at the background of a photo before posting it. In this case, Hilton has a very rugged-looking toilet paper roll dangling in the background. Granted, the room is absolutely gorgeous, but the toilet paper roll just ruins the whole shot. There is no doubt about it, Hilton is a beautiful woman and she can certainly take amazing pictures, even in a bathroom. But that unfortunate toilet paper roll is just too awkward and all of her 3.2 followers on Instagram got a chance to see it as well.

13 Kim Kardashian Needs A Little Privacy

This is the first or the last bathroom-selfie fail Kim Kardashian has. Maybe it’s just best that Kim avoids bathroom selfies altogether. We can’t imagine what social media would do with something like this. We assure you, they loved it. You can image everyone’s surprise when she posted this bathroom selfie that showed some powder on her bathroom sink. Now, what could that be? Kim loves the bathroom; she has deemed it the place where she gets the best lighting. Social media definitely got an eyeful when the photo was posted and the guessing game started. What is that powdery stuff? We never got the impression that Kim does any kind of substance, but in Hollywood, you never know. She, however, always walks the straight and narrow, so we’re sure this picture is totally innocent.

12 Snooki Found A Bathroom Right For Her Size

We know Snooki as someone who isn’t always the classiest girl in the room and that’s putting it lightly. In this case, it looks like Snooki is taking a selfie in the bathroom and she’s looking pretty good. She’s showing off some vintage earrings that she’s wearing. All in all, the photo is pretty good until we start to look at the background. The bathroom is pretty small and tight to be taking a photo in and many people believe that the photo may have been taken in a porta potty. Come Snooki, did you really stop in a porta potty to take a selfie because we have some idea what those things smell like, so why would you stay in there longer than you have to? It could also have been a bathroom in a plane, but either way, she probably should have waited until later to take the photo.

11 Lady Gaga Is Kind Of A Hypocrite 

In this case, the background of the photo exposed that Lady Gaga takes advantage of Photoshop. With this bathroom selfie, she is taking advantage of some yoga poses. Lady Gaga is all about being yourself; she has proven that with her crazy hair and outfits that she likes herself. So, why does she feel the need to edit her pictures? She certainly wouldn’t be the first celebrity to do so. It looks like Gaga took some arm flab from her pictures because that’s where the curve in the photo comes in. The mirror and even the floor looks as if it has a curve to it which is a pretty good indication that Photoshop was used. Again, celebrities should know how to check their pictures before posting them by now. They would certainly save themselves some embarrassment if that were the case.

10 Lena Dunham Doesn't Care 

Showing off nudity is the new things for celebrities these days — they just can’t get enough of topless photos. They will show just about anything on social media these days. We don’t know if it’s a feminist thing, but it seems that anything goes when it comes to social media. When it comes to this bathroom selfie, it was taken on the day of the Met Gala. We are assuming Lena Dunham is getting ready to go, but we just don’t understand why she posted this particular picture. The background is terrible and it adds nothing to the photo and she's not exactly looking amazing. But I guess that's Lena Dunham for you — she just doesn't care be like other celebs. She stands there with her hair crazy and a stunned look on her face. So, would this be a photo you would want to be posted of you getting ready?

9 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Keeping Secrets

This may seem like a normal everyday picture for the both of them, but there is something very telling about the photo. This was at a time where Justin and Selena were not together and they were telling everyone they were still separated. But people on social media can be very perceptive and someone noticed that the pictures looked an awful lot alike. The bathroom that Justin Bieber is standing in is his own and it has the same tiles that the bathroom that Gomez is standing in. So, the two got called out at the time because everyone knew that Selena Gomez was in Justin’s bathroom. What a tangled web we weave. These two have been attached to each other for years and for some reason, they just can’t get enough of each other.

8 Bella Thorne Is A Disney Rebel

Bella Thorne is definitely one girl that likes to show off her goodies; she is notorious for wearing outfits that will show off her body one way or another. She is another Disney actress that just couldn’t wait to crack her good-girl image and throw it all out there. She certainly has done that, there really isn’t much of Thorne that we haven’t already seen. This is another bathroom selfie and we are just surprised that Thorne has no problem showing herself as trashy. There is just no good reason to take a photo like this one, but her social media is just full of them. Whether it’s her outfits or her body, she takes it to the extreme and it’s almost as if she is daring the world to judge her. She never seems to just take a normal photo anymore; it has to be shocking every single time.

7 James Franco Is Kind Of A Creep

James Franco posted this shocking photo among many others on Instagram to the shock of his fans. The photos were quickly deleted, not that it mattered, once they are online, they are there forever. We’re not really sure what he was thinking when he did it because not only is it weird, but he doesn’t exactly look fetching in this photo. Many thought the photos were super creepy while Franco claimed he was testing boundaries. “There was some photo I did. I wasn’t naked. I’m sure Rihanna has posted a bunch more risqué photos. It was just the attitude of the photo. It was sweaty. My hand was in my boxers. It just looked gross. And I remember Gucci saying, ‘Don’t do any more photos like that.’”

6 Perez Hilton Gets In Trouble With Parents

Perez Hilton should have really thought things through before posting this photo because he got quite a backlash from it. He posted a snap of him and his 2-year-old son in the shower together. The two looked like they were having a ball together and he posted the caption, “Our family motto is: #fun! We try and incorporate fun into as much of the everyday things we do! #Bathtime.” People on social media, however, didn’t think that the photo was appropriate. In fact, they thought it was “creepy” and “odd.” Many people couldn’t believe he actually posted the picture with both of them naked while others called it child abuse. There were some parents standing up for him though; one follower told Hilton: “No need to explain yourself. Shorts or not, nudity is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s how we teach our children about our bodies.”

5 Emily Ratajkowski Has No Shame

When you are as foxy as this girl, you can’t really blame her when she wants to show it off to the world. But there are times when you wonder why they have to show off so much. It’s as if these celebrities have to prove something to themselves, to show off more than the last celebrity. They believed that this was a great way to prove that they have freedom to do as they please with their bodies without caring what society thinks. "However sexual our bodies may be, we need to have the freedom as women to choose whn & how we express our sexuality," Ratajkowski wrote. Wow, that was terribly deep and a little embarrassing. These two just sunk to a whole new low in our opinions because they didn’t prove anything. Congrats ladies, you have boobs, now go and put a shirt on.

4 Geraldo Rivera Is Looking For Attention

Geraldo Rivera must have been having a good day when this photo was posted. He definitely has been spending some time in the gym and now he wants to show off all his hard work. Not only is it very icky but we just have to ask ourselves what on earth. It boggles our minds that society has gone so wrong these days that people feel the need to expose their nakedness online. In the case of Rivera, it was a very unwelcoming photo to find online. We’re not sure if he was trying to call out to some sugar mamas out there with his nude photo. We are just thankful that the towel stayed in place for the duration of the photo taking. Unfortunately for Rivera, he didn’t get a lot of kind comments when this photo was posted. That might be a lesson to other guys. Although, girls get away with a lot more and it's definitely a double standard.

3 Miley Cyrus Is Still Scandalous

Miley Cyrus has slowed down on the scandals lately probably because she’s back with Liam, but there was a time when this girl was no stranger to shocking posts. We saw all sorts of private images of Miley, so this one is hardly surprising. There used to be a time where the only time you would see a nude celebrity is if she decided to pose for Playboy, but these days it seems all you have to do is log onto social media and it’s right there waiting for you. In the case of Miley, this isn’t the first nude picture, she has posted and we doubt that it will be the last. She’s the type of girl who loves shocking people so we can just imagine what it is.

2 Robin Thicke Gets Caught

Ah yes, this is the photo that ended Robin Thicke’s marriage. It seems innocent enough at first glance. A fan getting a little too close to Thicke, but it also wouldn’t be the first time fans got a little too handsy. The problem is that Thicke didn’t check the background on the picture and if he had he would have noticed the mirror. That’s where the scandal starts. When this photo was posted, people on social media started tagging his wife in the photo, and that’s when things started to get real. The fact that Thicke was a major d-bag was proven with this photo and the next thing we knew, he was single and on his way to divorce court. Won’t these celebrities ever learn to check out the backgrounds of their pics? We are so happy Thicke got caught.

1 Kylie Jenner Is One Messy Girl

Bathroom selfies are just growing in popularity these days and as you can see, the celebrities in them don’t care what they are showing off. Jenner loves showing off her body, she does it quite a bit and why shouldn’t she? There is no doubt about it Kylie Jenner looks amazing in the photo just like most of the photos that she is in. But we often wonder when it comes to these bathroom selfies, why don’t these celebrities clean up their bathroom? Talk about messy! There are towels on the floor and the counter is covered in makeup. Maybe Jenner is hoping that we would all just focus on her amazing body, which we are but women are likely to take a look around beyond the nice body to see what else is going on in the photo.

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