12 Of Gal Gadot's Best Red Carpet Looks And 5 Outfits That Should Be Forgotten

Born on April 30, 1982, Gal Gadot is hands down one of the most popular Hollywood actresses at the moment. Well, she may be best known for portraying Wonder Woman but she’s also a successful Israeli model. Smiling and sweet, Gal Gadot is the 32-year-old Israeli beauty that guys can’t help drooling over. She’s always been a charming girl so the fact that she won Miss Israel in 2004 doesn’t exactly come as a great shock to us. Growing up in Israel, Gal Gadot has always had a thing for modeling and acting. However, it wasn’t until she left the Israel Defense Forces that she started chasing her dreams. As beautiful as she is, Gal Gadot had the privilege to star alongside great Hollywood movie stars like Ben Affleck and Vin Diesel.

Outside of her booming career, the Israeli beauty has an unexpectedly fine taste in fashion. Do you remember her fancy Joseph Altuzarra dress with slashed cut-out detail? Well, she really looked like a goddess on her way to the Justice League premiere in Hollywood. This particular dress comes with metallic layers and a delicate bodice that only adds a touch of femininity to her overall style. Although Gal Gadot’s red carpet looks are so on point, we’ve also noticed a few less glorious fashion moments. Now go ahead and take a look at Gal's best and worst fashion looks fans will never forget!

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17 Gal Gadot Showed Up At The Golden Globes In A Body-Hugging Gown

Via Glamourmagazine. co.uk

Do you remember Gal's memorable appearance in Beverly Hills when she cradled her baby bump in front of the paparazzi? Well, that was absolutely spectacular, to say the least! Not only did she look classy and stylish but her accessories were so on point too! Showing off her baby bump in a fabulous Mugler dress, Gal Gadot successfully finished off the look with an elegant pair of shoes and jewels. Gal Gadot has always looked charming when strutting down the red carpet. However, this time her dress was really breathtaking. Her gorgeous pregnancy look really helped her step up her game at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards! The Wonder Woman star wore a unique gown embellished with sequins while her hair was pulled back. When it comes to her makeup game, Gal Gadot is apparently a big fan of the simple yet chic nude lipstick.

16 When In Doubt, Always Wear Armani

Via Timeout.com

Although we've already seen the beautiful Gal Gadot in chic outfits, we just can't help asking for more of them. Luckily for us, our wishes have been granted! Our badass movie star looked simply amazing in her gorgeous black Armani dress. While enjoying the glamorous event at the 29th Annual Producers Guild Awards in California, she was also joined by the charming Kerry Washington and Margot Robbie. Well, they also looked pretty fine but Gal just totally killed it as she opted for a custom-designed Armani Privé gown and Anita Ko jewels. Lastly, let's not forget about her fancy pair of Gianvito Rossi heels which gave us a taste of her exquisite sense of style. Frankly, there's a well-founded reason why her Privé dress has become iconic. This elegant gown was from Armani's fall 2017 couture collection as it comprised of a sequin body with a sheer lace overlay and cami straps.

15 Looking Like A Diva At The Mexico City Premiere

Via UsMagazine.com

Adorned with beautiful silver patches, lots of studs, and spikes, the star's black magic dress projected her heroine's inner strength and passion. The Israeli actress, who plays the title character, wore a satin dress that flashed part of her midriff and cleavage. Multi-colored patterning was stitched around Gal Gadot’s waistline which really accentuated her svelte figure as she smiled and posed for the photographers. While walking around in her studded, down-to-earth satin gown, Gal Gadot enjoyed the evening in the most dazzling way possible. Indeed, Gal Gadot's Prada dress absolutely put a spell on us, and there's just no way to break it. Well, her impeccable red carpet looks often make us wonder where she gets her lovely fashion ideas.

14 Classy Women Like Gal Gadot Always Turn Heads

via timeout.com

Although most of our favorite actresses have a thing for fancy gowns in red, black or white, Gal Gadot is clearly an exception to this rule. Well, it's true that all celebs are somewhat obliged to look their very best since they never leave the spotlight. Maybe this is what Gal Gadot has been trying to do all this time. More often than not, her red carpet looks are always unique, lovely and so fashionable! Unfortunately, Gal Gadot sparked controversy for rocking this exact blue sash dress that's designed by Elie Saab. As a result, the Lebanese designer was under fire in his home country after sharing a photo of Gal that he considered as “flawless”. Maybe he only wanted to promote his upcoming spring and summer collection so he decided to share this beautiful photo of Gal Gadot. Whatever the case, it was an ugly story which shouldn't have happened.

13 Gal's Yellow Esteban Cortazar Dress Will Make You Green With Envy!

via Timeout.com

If there's anything that we love more about Gal than her portrayal of Wonder Woman, it would be her fitted canary yellow Esteban Cortazar dress. The 32-year-old beauty looks stunning in her beautiful gown which features a sultry thigh-high slit. For the glamorous event, Gal went for a leggy and vibrant look with a plunging asymmetric neckline. Another pretty detail was her classy pair of strappy nude sandals. Just for the record, Esteban Cortazar's dress is allegedly worth around $2,116. You see, you can look amazing without spending a whole fortune on luxury dresses and dazzling jewels. Speaking of her overall style at the 2018 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards, Gal was simply a hot sensation.

12 Every Woman Needs A Classy Red Dress In Her Wardrobe And So Does Gal Gadot!

via Timeout.com

From shimmering gowns that personify her badass Wonder Woman character to this Gabriela Hearts dress, Gadot’s wardrobe picks have become iconic! Well, it really seems as though she decided to outshine everyone with her beautiful long sleeve dress. This fabulous masterpiece designed by Gabriela Hearts simply wowed everyone at the event. By the way, do you know that Revlon has recently made Gal its new 2018 global ambassador? Well, now you know! During the Revlon Global Ambassador Media Day Press Interview, she said that everything that affects a woman’s self-esteem deals with feminism in one way or another. Indeed, Gal is a gorgeous lady whose bright mind and looks are some of the things we love about her! In a nutshell, Gal Gadot is an actress whose strong presence on the silver screen is beyond any dispute.

11 Wow! How Do You Feel About Her Gold And Silver Sequin Dress?

via Timeout.com

Here we are with another stunning look that simply matches Gal’s lovely personality. As charming as she is, Gal Gadot has been shedding star power in her beautiful Dolce & Gabbana dress. Radiating in glamor and style from head to toe, Gal Gadot just killed it at Twentieth Century Fox in LA, California. With such a gorgeous gown, entirely consisting of gold and silver sequins, Gal Gadot must have blown them all away. Apparently, one of the most popular actresses at the moment is really fond of metallic gold and silver dresses. Luckily for her, the fashion titan Dolce & Gabbana made all of her wishes come true. Gal was indeed a stunner at the premiere of Keeping Up with the Joneses at Fox Studios. She matched her feminine high-shine ensemble with silver sandals designed by Stuart Weitzman.

10 Take A Peek At Gal's Superhero-Worthy Gown!

via Timeout.com

If we must describe Gal’s overall style in one word, it would be extraordinary. Doesn’t she look fine in her superhero-worthy gown? Our favorite Wonder Woman looked like a goddess on her way to the Justice League premiere in Hollywood. She strutted down the red carpet in a fancy Joseph Altuzarra dress with cut-out detail. In case you wondered, her goddess-worthy dress is from the designer's spring 2018 runway collection. Gal finished off the look with a lovely pair of Louboutins that didn't go unnoticed by the paparazzi either. The gorgeous dress features metallic layers and intricate bodice, providing the right amount of femininity. Put simply, Gal Gadot must have dazzled the paparazzi with her gown that featured a thigh-high slit running up the side! After all, her sense of style always reminds us of her famous superhero character. Indeed, this is just another fabulous red carpet look we’ve seen from the beautiful Gal Gadot.

9 Gal Gadot's Velvet Givenchy Dress Looks So Cute!

via Timeout.com

This is easily one of her cutest looks we've seen so far! Frankly, her exquisite sense of style has the potential of making all women green with envy. The 32-year-old beauty decided to rock a fabulous mini-dress revealing the femininity of her slender figure. As you can see, Gal Gadot has great taste in fashion, and her velvet Givenchy dress absolutely proves it. She sported this stunning dress while braving the cold at the Justice League photocall in London. Her lace dress full of kisses looked really unique and feminine as it accentuated her fine legs as well. By the way, this beautiful mini dress features a plunging neckline, draped lace sleeves combined with a black and bold lip motives. Although Gal's dress featured kisses, which could be taken as a joke, it really looked great on her. Therefore, we believe that Gal's cute style here deserves to get full marks!

8 Tom Ford's All-Black Ensemble Needs An Award Too

via Timeout.com

Celebs are always required to dress to the nines but this time Gal Gadot just blew everyone away with her classy outfit. She wore a gorgeous all-black ensemble with a split leg finish designed by the fashion giant Tom Ford. Maybe she just wanted to look her very best because of the special event she was invited to. While she was enjoying the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California, Gal Gadot shared that she was really proud to be an essential part of the Time’s Up Movement. The Wonder Woman star was the center of attention thanks to her strapless gown paired with a cropped blazer with satin lapels and pointy pumps. Her beautiful dark locks were pulled back which totally gave us a taste of Gal’s sophisticated personality. This is hands down one of Gal Gadot’s best fashion looks ever!

7 Gal Gadot Received Her #SeeHer Award In Her Prada Gown

via Timeout.com

The most beautiful women are often those who know how to highlight their best features without going too crazy with accessories. Perhaps Gal Gadot also follows this unwritten fashion rule. Unlike many ladies on the red carpet, Gal Gadot's wardrobe pick made her look like a queen. Her Prada dress featured a metallic deep V-neck gown with a crisscross back and a black beaded waist. Frankly, it just had the right amount of everything although her Prada dress was quite shimmery. But nevertheless, her style impressed everyone at the 23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards. She also said that her award is for everyone that stands for what's right. Well, it seems like her persistence, efforts and hard work finally paid off. Gal Gadot's an actress who can already brag about starring in huge blockbuster movies like Justice League. Thanks to her gorgeous looks and gifted personality, Gal Gadot enjoys the love of her huge fan base around the world.

6 Gal Gadot Looks So Seductive In Red

Via PopSugar.com

Arriving at the European premiere of Batman v Superman in London, Gal Gadot looked pretty seductive and flirty. Perhaps it was the fact that Gal Gadot showed up in a fabulous gown, but the Israeli actress looked as though she took her Wonder Woman character right off the silver screen and into real life at the premiere in London. The beauty doesn't only excite us with her highly anticipated movie roles, but also with her charismatic presence on the big screen. When it comes to her style, Gal's choices vary from flirty looks to more ladylike and elegant looks, like her gorgeous red gown. In a nutshell, Gal Gadot's red carpet looks often belong on the flirtier side of the spectrum. So yes, this brilliant dress is probably one of her best choices ever. As you look at her, just drag your gaze down her plunging neckline at the lovely dress that adds a touch of glamor to her style.

5 No Messy Buns On The Red Carpet!

Via majorceleb.com

Gal Gadot is easily one of the most cherished actresses at the moment. This could explain why she's always followed by paparazzi wherever she goes. As charming as she is, the 32-year-old beauty played the role of a leading lady at the Los Angeles premiere of Wonder Woman as her go-to outfit was a metallic Givenchy halter dress embellished with sequins and cut-out detailing around the waist. Well, it's not like Gal Gadot doesn't look nice but somehow the overall style just doesn't seem quite appropriate for the occasion. The color of her dress looks quite nice though. But outside of that, she must have forgotten to finish off the look with some jewels. Why did she choose to rock a messy bun for such a formal occasion anyway? That's still a mystery to us.

4 Oh, No! These Are Some Crazy Pants That Should Be Banned!

Via Celebs Today

Okay, let's admit it: Gal Gadot's ensemble here looks downright ridiculous. Although she looks quite seductive in her black top, we just don't feel the same about her crazy pair of pants. Not only is it in daring contrast with her usual style, it also doesn't feel appropriate for such an occasion. From the look of things, Gal Gadot hardly even thought about how the fashion world would react to her funny pants. In fact, she probably felt really comfy in her colorful pants while attending San Diego Comic-Con event. When you're a celebrity, you're always in the limelight so it must be really exhausting to keep up with the fashion trends. However, you can't wear trashy outfits at such significant events. First off, you'll most likely attract some unwanted attention so the chance of getting scrutinized is twice as high. Besides, such major events insist on getting dressed to the nines so there's just no other way around it. Another tiny detail that doesn't match her overall look is her black top and its eye-popping neckline. All in all, Gal Gadot's outfit at the San Diego Comic-Con event was a complete disaster.

3 Gal Gadot Must Have Mistaken The Red Carpet For An After Party

Via StyleWe Blog

Here we are with another less glamorous version of our stunning Israeli actress. Although she always looks perfect on the silver screen, Gal Gadot's outfit here doesn't look like her at all. Well, her style here isn't completely terrifying but it's hardly the best option for the red carpet either. Instead of being the center of attention, Gal Gadot's turquoise ensemble simply dulled her beauty. It was really robbed of any uniqueness and elegance. Well, it's true that a woman should feel comfortable and beautiful in her own skin. However, there are certain fashion rules celebs need to follow when walking the red carpet. This sure applies to our gorgeous Hollywood actresses too. Make no mistake though, there's no need to spend thousands of dollars to achieve an A-list style. But you absolutely have to pick the right accessories, colors, and patterns for each event.

2 Gal Gadot's Patterned Skirt And Crop Top Failed To Impress Us

Via Harper's Bazaar

Sorry fans, but this is hardly her best fashion look. Although Gal's known for her delicate sense of style, especially for such huge events, her casual look for the official premiere of Riddick speaks for itself. Although it offers freshness and a certain level of charm, Gal Gadot's girlie skirt and crop top are more appropriate for an afternoon walk with friends. Well, Gal might have felt super comfy in her leather crop top and monochrome flowing skirt. However, is it really the best option for a glamorous event where everyone is watching you? This certainly explains why this casual look can't pass any red carpet fashion exam. In fact, her patterned skirt and leather crop top should be banned right away! It's a pretty bad combination that lacks any elegance and fineness.

1 Gal Gadot's Grey Dress Was A Total Disaster

Via Glamourmagazine.co.uk

Nobody is immune to mistakes and neither is the beautiful Gal Gadot! The gorgeous 32-year-old Israeli actress wore an unpretentious dress at the Fast & Furious 5 premiere. Gal went for a strapless grey dress that featured sequin detailing on the bodice. Her girlie dress might have made her look innocent and cute, but it simply doesn't match her fierce Wonder Woman character. Speaking of that, we're pretty sure that her fans would always choose her sexy costume in Wonder Woman over this simple cocktail dress. Another less exciting detail that instantly grips our attention is her crazy hair color. It's crystal clear that this color doesn't look very nice on her. Do you remember Angelina Jolie's bad hair days as a blonde? Well, it seems like these two share more similarities than differences.

Sources: stylebistro.com, www.timeout.com

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