10 Things Every Woman Wants To Hear (5 That’ll Send Guys To The Dog House)

Relationships are complicated things. No matter who you are and how nice you can be, relationships can get rocky. Finding a person that makes you feel good about yourself and makes you feel safe is not something that comes around every day. A lot of people are actually in relationships with people that do not make them feel good about themselves; more people than you would think.

Your partner is supposed to be someone that you can say anything to, however, what many people do not realize is that saying anything that is on your mind can not only get you in a lot of trouble but actually damage a good thing.

Have no fear, we are here! We are here to guide all you men that want to stay out of the doghouse and into a good place with your loved one. We are aware that men say stupid things which are why we are formulating this guide with things you should and shouldn't say to a woman.

From commenting on their appearance to their intelligence, there are so many things you can say to make your woman feel good about herself. Here's the thing, boys, when you make your lady feel good about herself, she is happier. When you make her feel like cr*p, she starts to think about the many flaws she has.

Let's keep the peace and show our ladies some appreciation!

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15 Feels Good: You're Beautiful

Every girl wants to feel and be told that she is beautiful, it is just how women work.

We live in a society that is incredibly driven by looks. Women feel a lot of pressure to fit into a category that men consider beautiful. When a woman is in a relationship, she wants to make sure that her man thinks she is attractive.

What many men do not realize is that feeling beautiful for a woman comes from the inside, and if they feel beautiful they will be more likely to see themselves as beautiful.

Women put a lot of pressure on being perfect because that is what the media displays women to be. So men, assure your woman that she is fine by telling her what you see when you look at her. We promise this will not only make her feel good about herself, but it will also help you get lucky.

14 Feels Good: You're Smart

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Women are always getting complimented on their appearance, which, do not get us wrong is not a bad thing. However, besides the way they look, women have a lot more to offer, like their minds.

When a woman hears that a man thinks she is intelligent, it actually triggers more inside them than calling them sexy. There is something so captivating about a man who sees the intellectual beauty someone possesses. Being attracted to someone's mind holds more value in the long run than being attracted to someones physical being.

At the end of the day, good looks are great, but they tend to fade, someone's mind continues to grow and learn and it only gets better in time. That is advice we want you to remember!

13 Feels Good: You're Right

Sometimes all a woman needs to hear is that she is right. There is no denying how different men and women are which means a lot of the time we do not see eye to eye.

Arguments happen in relationships, in fact, arguments are not only normal they are healthy. When a couple argues, they are still communicating. However, when you do not see eye to eye with your partner, sometimes you need to set your ego aside.

By saying she is right or that you understand where she is coming from, she will feel a sense of security. Listen to her and respond accordingly, these are the kinds of qualities women love to know they have a partner. Knowing that you understand her and have her back is worth more than any designer bag you could buy her.

12 Feels Terrible: My Ex Was Better

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Never, ever, say this to your girlfriend. Ex's are complicated and everyone has them but everyone also needs to realize that they are exes for a reason. A lot of the times, girls find themselves obsessing over their boyfriend's ex's which is so ridiculous because the dude has clearly chosen you, he is clearly happy with you, seriously who cares who he was with before?

However, men often make the mistake of bringing out ex's when they want to get something, stating that my ex-did does not do it like that or my ex-did that better. This is the kind of behavior that no woman enjoys and quite frankly any woman dealing with this should just walk away. No one cares what your ex-did and if she was so great the two of you would clearly still be together. The thing is that these men say this without realizing what they are doing to the relationship and in reality if they did know they probably would not do it.

Here is the thing, do not bring up any woman being better unless you want to permanently live in the doghouse.

11 Feels Good: I Can't Stop Thinking Of You

No matter how long you have been dating someone, every woman loves to hear that they are what their man thinks about.

When a man tells a woman he thinks about her a lot, this helps the women understand his feelings towards her.Women's feelings are a lot more complex than those of a man and for a man hearing that a girl has been thinking of him all day would not do anything for him. For a woman, however, hearing this reassures her that he belongs to her, body and mind.

The thing about this is that the longer you are with someone, the more you forget to mention the little things that you used to in the start of your relationship.

Saying you can't stop thinking of her is something every woman wants and yearns to hear from the man they are with.

10 Feels Good: You're The Only One

We live in a “hook up” world which means people start fooling around with one another before they actually start dating. This is a concept that is unique to our generation and in our opinion has not been working out well for us.

If a girl is sleeping with a guy, the best thing that she can hear is that she is the only one in his life. Men tend to play the field, even after they meet a girl that they connect with, their animal instinct will often lead them to sleep with another girl.

For a lot of women, finding out a man slept with someone else after they met is a heavy pill to swallow. It can cause a lot of underlined tension in the relationship and will always make the woman doubt the man she is with.

Reassure her that she is the only one in your life and that you are not looking to replace her, that is if that is truly how you feel.

9 Feels Good: I Love You

Three words that hold so much value in our lives.

There is no denying that everyone, man woman, old or young, wants to feel loved. These three powerful words should only be said if you really mean them. The reality is that if you do not mean them, the sentiment loses its value completely.

It is no secret that saying I love you takes any relationship to a different level. It takes you from dating to being in love and working towards a future together. Hearing those three words from a man a woman is crazy about is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Do no undervalue what saying this will do for your relationship and do not take hearing and saying these words for granted.

8 Feels Terrible: You're Crazy

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Never, ever tell a woman she is crazy. It is okay to say it in a humorous way if that is how your personality is, however, saying it seriously can not only get you thrown in the dog house but it could also harm your relationship significantly.

A lot of people believe this to be the most damaging thing you can say, especially if it is something that you bring up often. Many claims that calling someone crazy repeatedly could actually make them go crazy.

The truth is, that everything is all fun and games until it is not and that words once sent out in the universe could not be taken back. Say what you mean and mean what you say and always remember you do not always need to say what is on your mind.

7 Feels Good: The Truth

This may seem like an easy one but for some reason, it is something a lot of men have trouble doing.

Let us teach you something gentlemen, the truth always comes out and if it is something you feel the need to lie about, chances are you should not have done it, to begin with. We are firm believers that when you begin to lie in a relationship that is when the downfall starts.

No one wants to be lied to, especially not a woman of caliber. Our society needs to understand that lying is not a quick fix, in fact, it does more harm than good. Be aware of your behavior and if you feel you are doing something you are going to have to lie about then chances are you should not be doing it.

6 Feels Terrible: You Could Lose Some Weight

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When it comes to weight, women are very sensitive.

We believe this has to do with the unrealistic body standard the media as well as social media has shoved down our throats. Weight issues are something that many women deal with and when the man they are sleeping with tells them to shed a few pounds it can sting like a bitch.

Women want to feel sexy and a lot of that empowering sexiness comes from feeling comfortable in their own skin which is impossible to do when the man seeing you naked thinks you have “some work to do” when it comes to your body.

Take it from us, never comment on a woman's weight, even if she asks for your opinion. Most of the time it ends up blowing up in your face, learn how to bite your tongue when it comes to this.

5 Feels Good: You're Funny

If a guy does not find his girlfriend is funny, they are pretty much doomed.

When it comes to laughter, we believe it to be one of the fundamentals keys in a relationship. Laughter is the best medicine and when you are in love with someone who has the ability to make you laugh, there is not much that can top that.

When a man tells a woman she is funny, it reminds her that he is with her for more than one reasons. It shows that he also understands her sense of humor something that is very important to aid a relationship is flourishing.

When you are old and grey and stuck with a person forever, laughter is what will keep you together, trust us on this!

4 Feels Good: You Pick

Men tend to be set in their ways more than women are. Men know what they want, they know who they want to date, they know what they want to do, what they want to watch and even what they want to eat.

Although we are aware that men are creatures of habit, we also know that they have the ability to compromise.

It makes a woman feel valued when a man will ask her to pick to the movie or ask her what she wants to eat. Even though most women will reply with the classic “whatever you want baby”, the fact that you are even asking holds a lot of value in the relationship.

This is an easy thing that you can say that can create a new, beautiful chapter in your relationship. This allows the women to feel like what they want matters in the relationship, which is in reality what every woman desires.

3 Feels Terrible: Are You On Your Period?

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For some reason, whenever a woman shows any sign of emotion, a man assumes they are on their period. Even if it is a woman's time of the month, a man should never ask that.

By asking if aunt flow came to town a man is discrediting whatever it is that a woman is upset with. Women are constantly labeled with being dramatic or hysterical every time she shows any kind of emotion that is negative.

Asking if she is on her period will definitely get you thrown in the doghouse and we do not see that it is worth it.

Instead of asking her if it is that time of the month maybe listen to what she is saying, you may be surprised to find out that you might actually learn something.

2 Feels Good: You're The One

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Growing up, a lot of women were obsessed with fairy tales. From a young age, women are programmed to find their “prince charming”.

What every woman wants is to hear that she is the one, the one that makes him never want to date again, the one that will be the mother of his children. This is probably the most powerful thing a girl can hear and is bound to get you some good loving.

The thing about saying this is that you can only say it to one girl in your life or it loses its value. You see, you can fall in love with many women, but there is only going to be one you spend the rest of your life with. Our advice is that you only tell a woman she is the one when you are sure of it. Do not taint this beautiful expression of devotion with a lie.

1 Feels Terrible: Your Opinion Doesn't Matter

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No woman wants to feel like their opinion does not matter and no women ever want to hear it come out of their boyfriend's mouths. Here is the thing about relationships, if you do not see each other as equals or as teammates you end up doing a lot of damage to the relationship.

This knowledge also comes with experience and maturity. If as a man, you truly believe that your girlfriend's opinion does not matter you should do one of two things, break up with her or grow up... actually you should do both of those things. Saying this to your girlfriend will without a doubt get you into hot water and will most likely be the start of your demise as a couple.

Do not ever tell anyone their opinion does not matter and if you do know that it is your opinion that has no value.

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