10 Things All Women Do That Drive Men Crazy In A Good Way (And 5 In A Bad Way)

Of all God's creations, women are without a doubt the most beautiful and most special. All men know too well how impossible it would be to live without women on this planet, because women make life worth living, they add beauty in the world, and they bring forth life. When a man finds the woman that he is destined to love and live with for the rest of his life, his greatness begins, and he starts on a journey to becoming the best man that he could ever become. Without women, men are incomplete and there is no denying that fact.

However, concerning women, people have claimed, "can't live with them, can't live without them," which is true. There is a bit of truth in this statement, since if you do not handle your woman right, you will not be able to live with her, yet you need to live with her. In an attempt to try to show just how different a man and a woman are, people have claimed that women are from Venus and that men are from Mars, but the fact is that we are all here on earth and we need each other.

Women drive men crazy, and that is a fact, but the craziness comes in two forms. All women have some habits that drive men crazy in anger and then they have ways of driving men crazy in love with them. Here is a list of 15 things women do that drive men crazy - ten of them drive men crazy in love, while five drive men crazy mad. Are there any things that we've left out?

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15 Good Crazy - The Little Black Dress (Or Skirt)

Via The Daily Beast

How many women do you know own at least one little black dress (LBD)? The interesting thing here is that you might not even know who owns such clothing, because they are supposed to be worn in the privacy of the home. If you do not own one, you had better get one just for your husband's eyes. The LBD is one of the strongest weapons a woman has in her arsenal and, when she is wearing it, a loving husband in his right mind will always give in to her demands. Although the dress can come in any shape or color, you cannot compromise on its size. The word "little" here actually means tiny, and a skirt here will do wonders if the dress is not available. This item of clothing here worn with a smile is enough to solve so many problems in a relationship, since a man in such a situation would most definitely see things from his wife's perspective.

14 Good Crazy - Damsel In Distress

Via New York Daily News

Some women are independent to the point that they can do everything a man can do, or so they think. There is no problem in being independent, since the life we live today demands both men and women to have the appropriate skills to survive on their own. In the olden days, men and women had very specific roles that each one played - roles that made it impossible for any gender to live apart from the other. Although the boundary between what a man should do and what a woman should do is almost non-existent today, a special aspect of the relationship between a man and a woman faded away with the boundary. Just like a knight in shining armor swoops in to save a damsel in distress, the average man loves helping his woman change a light bulb or open a tightly shut lid. Helping out a woman drives a man crazy, because he gets the feeling that the woman might want to reward him in ways not suitable to mention here.

13 Good Crazy - Appearing As If There Is Nothing Underneath

Via LaughSpark

Have you watched the 2010 science fiction movie Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt? This movie is one of the most creative that Hollywood has produced in a very long time, owing to how outside the box everything here is. The reason for its featuring on this point is that, in the movie, they show how powerful planting an idea in someone's dream is - which is what this point is all about. Some women get it wrong by showing too much skin, leaving nothing for the man's imagination. If women were to discover the art of introducing an idea in the man and letting his mind do the rest, they would drive their men so crazy that chances of serious obsession on the part of the man becomes a reality. If a man were to get the idea that his woman was wearing nothing but her beautiful top and skirt, he would need an intervention to regain normalcy. However, this ought to be a strictly private affair.

12 Good Crazy - Cooking Great Food

Via Valentines Ideas for Him

People say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and this is a very apt saying that every woman should hold on to as if it's the gospel truth. A woman who knows how to cook is a very powerful woman - one who can steal the heart of a prince - because there is just something about food that makes a man weak. If a man comes home and finds his wife preparing his favorite dish and she allows him to help in the preparation, she will get the man hungry for more than just food. In addition, if a woman wants her man to do anything she wants, all she needs to do is cook his favorite food in his presence while wearing his favorite apron and sexy clothing underneath - he'll walk on hot coals for her in that situation! Cooking great food for your man is the secret to making him go crazy over you in all the right ways.

11 Good Crazy - Taking Genuine Interest In What You Love

Via YouTube

Often you will find that men and women have different interests, with men tending to enjoy sports, gaming, and gadgets while women lean more towards shopping, watching romantic movies, and spending time with the girls. During the period when the two are getting to know each other, both make deliberate efforts to find interest in what the other person loves, which is the reason this part of the relationship is always fun. Often when relationships grow older, people get back to doing only what they love and the distance begins to develop. That day when you surprise your man with front row tickets to his favorite game, you will win his favor for a very long time. Also, instead of going too far and taking the trouble to find tickets, take some time off, and watch the game with him while wearing his team's t-shirt. Such deliberate effort is sure to drive him crazy in love with you, and he is sure to do the same for you.

10 Good Crazy - Smelling Great

Via Listaka

How a person smells plays a huge role on how other people will perceive him or her. In this day and age, when anyone can buy body spray at ridiculously low prices, there is absolutely no reason a woman should go around smelling like sweat. Although there are some situations where men absolutely love a sweaty woman, the rest of the time everyone expects her to smell like fresh flowers. Some unique perfumes have a reputation of tapping into a man's primal instincts and calling him out to make love - perfumes that every woman should know of and only use in case of "emergencies." A woman who smells great is definitely a woman who takes hygiene seriously and loves to take good care of her body; such a woman is very attractive. Wild male animals know that it is mating season when they can smell their females, the same rules apply if you want to drive a man crazy in a good way.

9 Good Crazy - Playing At The Beach

Via Brit + Co

The beach is the only place to be on a hot summer afternoon since anywhere else would just be uncomfortably hot and boring. Although the beach might be hot, the hotness is not so much from the sun as it is from the women on the beach. A man loves going to the beach with his woman, because here people have the freedom to spend time together playing with friends in their swimming costumes. When it gets too hot, the couple and their friends can play games in the water and when it gets a bit cooler, they can play beach volleyball on the sand. It is hard to explain the numerous feelings a man gets when he sees his woman playing on the beach, feelings that make him want to love her even more. This is probably the reason why numerous couples choose to go to beach resorts for their honeymoon and for vacations. The right beach attire and play will drive your man and several others who will not admit it, crazy for you.

8 Good Crazy - A Beautiful Smile

Via Genevieve Magazine

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but that is a few thousand words shorter than a smile from a beautiful woman. A beautiful smile is enough to make a man forget a stressful day at work and remember how blessed he is to have a woman in his life. A smile is a very friendly way of showing someone that you are amused with him or her and that he or she can approach you for a conversation or even more interaction. The difference between the smile that a salesperson gives you and the one that a woman gives is that the salesperson wants to get something from you, while the woman smiling at you is saying that she is willing to give you something with no charge. A smile at any time of the day is a sure way of driving a man crazy with love, one of the reasons most men have pictures of their smiling spouses on their desks.

7 Good Crazy - Intelligence

Via 5WPR

Having blond hair is not a reflection of how limited your intelligence is, it is just a genetic thing. However, women who most people refer to as 'blonde' are those whose intelligence appears to be quite low when compared to other women. A Man might be attracted to a woman without having an idea of how intelligent she is, but he will flee as soon as he realizes that the woman lacks basic understanding or the ability to apply common knowledge. Men love having intelligent conversations with women and sharing great ideas with them, if a woman cannot relate to what he is saying, then he will question her intelligence. However, a woman who can challenge and even help the man improve on his ideas, laugh at intelligent jokes, and come up with the most creative things to say is a keeper. Outer beauty might fade with time, but an intelligent woman is sure to drive a man crazy even when they are both old.

6 Good Crazy - Straightening Ties

Via www.playbuzz.com

Straightening the tie here stands for what it literally means as well as the minimal and frequent physical contact that a woman makes with her man. Before a man goes to work in the morning, whether the tie is properly in its position or not, it is the duty of the woman to lovingly adjust it and make it perfect. This contact has nothing to do with the position of the tie, it has everything to do with the wonderful feeling a man will have after his wife lovingly touches him in the morning. Other things such as encouraging a man to wrap his hand around your waist, to hold your hands as you walk, and to hug you randomly during the day are enough to drive a man crazy in love with a woman. A woman who understands the relationship between a man and a woman's touch will hardly ever have issues with an unfaithful man.

5 Bad Crazy - Gossiping

Via Picky Wallpapers

Weird how for centuries women have been known to gossip with every opportunity they get, and no generation tries to put an end to bad this reputation. Today, most people prefer to listen to gossip as opposed to listening to the truth, probably because gossip tends to be juicier, and more interesting compared to facts. Gossip is idle talk about someone else's personal matters behind their back, something that excites women, except when other people are talking about them. Some men are also in the habit of gossiping, a terrible thing to do since it always paints the person people are talking about in bad light. Men go crazy when they find out that their women were gossiping, because they know that soon enough their women will be crying due to other people talking ill of them. The worst things about gossip are that it will always hurt someone for no reason at all and that whomever you are gossiping with will surely gossip about you with others.

4 Bad Crazy - Always Coming Late

via wallper.net

This is like a code that all women have, to never get anywhere on time. Women take a longer time to get ready compared to men since they apparently have to try on everything in their closet before choosing what to wear and they have to apply make-up for like an hour or so. Since men love it when their women look great, they understand why it would take more time for women to get ready, but what they do not understand is why women cannot start getting ready early enough. Furthermore, men will not go crazy every time women come late, but women need to realize that some commitments are time-sensitive. What joy will there be in missing a flight or getting to the movies when what you wanted to watch is almost over? Most men would agree that a woman's inability to keep time is what drives them crazy mad.

3 Bad Crazy - Being Insecure

Via Metro

Women are not 100% to blame for being insecure, because some men out there do not know how to act like they are in a relationship. However, most women tend to be insecure especially when it makes no sense. Accomplished men whose work requires them to have secretaries are the most affected group here, especially if the secretary is hot. Women always seem to believe that men think of nothing other than having sex, and if they are not with them than they are probably getting down with another woman. Insecurity is one of the recipes to a failing relationship, especially if the woman has a reason to be insecure. Insecurity brings about trust issues and eventually the end of a relationship. However, women need to learn to trust that the man they have is different from all others and that he will honor their relationship by remaining faithful to her. Insecurity without cause will always drive a man crazy mad.

2 Bad Crazy - Overreacting

Via Olisa.tv

It is important to realize that the society today is setting both women and men up for overreacting, since the physical demands of work, multitasking, and lack of enough sleep are sure to lead to an imbalance. However, women tend to overreact more than men do, a situation that often leads to men retaliating in unpleasant ways. If your man forgot to take out the trash or to buy some milk on his way home, you do not need to start shouting at him or giving him the silent treatment. Some women overreact to the point of straining a relationship to the point of breaking it. If a woman was to relax and take a few minutes before responding to a situation or even wait until the next morning to disclose her feelings to her man, chances are that she will not overreact. Overreacting drives men crazy in the worst possible way.

1 Bad Crazy - Expecting You To Read Her Mind

Via The Daily Beast

What made women think that men can read their minds, is it the romantic movies or books that they read? Well someone needs to tell them that wherever they got the idea that men will know what they want without them saying is pure fiction. In earlier years, it was normal for women to leave clues for their husbands in case they wanted something from them. However, today women have the right to tell their man what they want and how they want it and no one will judge them as being too pushy. Women should realize that the chances of getting what they want when they ask for it are far much higher than the chances of their men reading their minds and getting them what they want. A woman who expects her man to read her mind will not only drive him crazy, but will also drive him out of her life.

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