10 Signs She’s a Nightmare, 5 She’s Wife Material

Being in a relationship can be confusing at times, especially if you've been in one for a long time. It’s always the same in the beginning, you start dating and you think things are going pretty great. There is certainly a time in your relationship where you start to think about whether this girl is the one that you are meant to spend your life with. This girl could very well be the one that you spend the rest of your life with. After all, that is why we start dating in the first place, to find the one person that we are meant to spend our lives with forever.

But it also may not be. It wouldn’t be the first time that someone married someone that they had no business being with in the first place. Sure, you may have been together for a while, but that doesn’t mean this girl is right for you. The next move may actually be to dump her. There are two types of girls out there — nightmares and wife material. There are always certain qualities to a girl that will make her marriage material or not. There are also girls who have qualities that are so nightmarish, you probably don’t want to spend the rest of your life with her.

So, how do you know? We may have some ideas for you, a few signs that can lean you one way or another. If you see some wife-material signs on here, then you should probably put a ring on her finger; if you see more nightmarish qualities, then it may be time to cut the cord on this relationship.


15 Dump Her: She Always Talks To Her Exes

This is a tricky one because there are genuine females out there that are friends with their exes and it means nothing. They are friends, they’ve been friends for a while, and there is nothing between them. In this scenario, though, we still don’t think it would be cool for them to be hanging out alone together. We’re talking about the girls who are always in contact with their exes, their phones are constantly blowing up with messages. If your girlfriend insists on “keeping in touch” with her exes and it feels borderline inappropriate, then there is probably more behind that. A girl should not be investing a lot of attention or time into a person from her past. If she is, then she may still be hung up on him. You should always be her number one man and she should not be doing anything that makes you uncomfortable.

14 Dump Her: She Never Gives You Free Time


If your girlfriend wants all your time and you start to forget what your friends even look like, then you might want to reconsider your relationship. It’s perfectly normal to want to spend time with your friend and it’s healthy for your relationship. When two people are in love, they still need to be with other people — it can’t be all about your relationship. Some girls don’t get it though and they want all your time. Does your girlfriend get mad every time that you leave the house or want to do anything that doesn’t involve her? Some girls don’t realize that they could actually be hurting their relationship by wanting to spend all their time with their boyfriend. How are you supposed to miss each other if you are always together? Not to mention you can literally run out of things to talk about.

13 Marry Her: She’s Not Crazy

We’ve all dated someone crazy in our lives. Maybe it was in our youth, or maybe it was a more recent relationship. Crazies should be avoided at all costs and you should never marry one. They can be sneaky and at first and you might not realize that she is out of her mind. Soon enough, though, the truth comes out because psychopaths can’t hide their true selves for very long. The next thing you know, the two of you are at a get together with your friends and she’s screaming in your face because you were talking to another girl. These are the girls that you have to watch out for because they can fly off the handle at any moment. If you have found a girl that is not insecure and doesn’t snap at you about every little thing, then that girl is wife material.

12 Dump Her: She Stresses You Out All The Time


If you are always finding that you are upset with your girlfriend, it might be time to dump her. If she’s always stressing you out and you find yourself getting upset frequently, then we are sure you can imagine how hard that could be long term. A relationship is supposed to bring happiness to your life, and not always stress you out. Lack of energy can cause a strain on your relationship and make her miserable to be around. Not to mention it’s not exactly healthy for your girlfriend to always see you when you are upset. She’s a bad girlfriend if the only reaction she can get out of you is frustration and being upset all the time. It’s not fair to either of you to be in a relationship where everyone is unhappy. If she doesn’t have a better attitude about the relationship, then it’s time to pack things up.

11 Dump Her: She Hates Your Friends

This is another tricky one because if your friends are general idiots, then it may be your fault that she doesn’t like them. If your girlfriend hates your friend, first ask yourself if she has good reason to hate them. Maybe they are drunk all the time and act like fools, or maybe you change for the worse when you are around them and she doesn’t like it. There are times, of course, when girls don’t like their guy’s friends and she doesn’t have good reason to. If she’s always trying to get in between you and your friends, then it’s probably time for her to go. These are your friends for a reason and everyone wants their friends to get along with their girlfriends. If you have good genuine friends and they haven’t done anything wrong to your girl, then make sure that you keep them over her because you shouldn’t have to lose friends if you’re in a good relationship.

10 Marry Her: She Takes Care Of You When You Need Her


Part of being in a relationship, especially a long-term one, is that you can depend on your partner no matter what. We aren’t always going to be at the top of our game, so there are times when we need our partners to love us just a little bit more than normal. It could be when you missed that big promotion at work or you came down with the flu. Either way, you will see how your girlfriend treats you in these situations. If she is always there for you, giving you a shoulder to cry on, or making you chicken noodle soup while you’re lying in bed, then she is definitely wife material. The last thing you want is someone who treats you terribly or acts like they don’t care when you are having the worst day ever. Choose wisely; it’s only the rest of your life.

9 Dump Her: She’s High Maintenance

It’s okay if your girl stands up for herself or doesn’t want to be someone’s doormat. But a girl who is high maintenance always takes things to the extreme. She always has to have the brand named clothing, she won’t go anywhere to eat but the hot spots, and don’t even try to get her in the pool once her hair is done. She is consumed by her appearance, so much so that it makes you late for events. Does this sound like your girlfriend? We will tell you that she won’t get less high maintenance the longer you date. You want a girl that knows her worth and goes after what she wants, but if she’s coming off as a little selfish and self-absorbed, then she probably isn’t marriage material. Girls like this are super hard to handle and sometimes the pay off just isn’t worth it in the end.


8 Dump Her: She Lies


Dating someone that lies all the time can be exhausting because you never know when she’s telling the truth. We all tell little white lies here and there, but if you are catching your girl in lies all the time, then she may have a problem. Some girls even lie as a form of manipulation to get what they want. How can you even trust someone who lies to you? It doesn’t exactly give you comfort when you think of marriage and commitment. If your girl is lying to you all the time, then she’s also taking you for granted and treating you like a fool. That’s not someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. No one likes feeling like a fool and if your girlfriend is making you feel like that because you always believe her lies, then it’s time for her to go.

7 Marry Her: She Knows How to Manage Money

Women, generally, love to shop; there is just no way around it. Now there’s certainly a difference between a girl that buys a few things here and there and one that is a shopaholic. If a girl knows how to manage her money and she has good savings, that’s the girl you want to marry. You don’t want to marry a woman who is going to drain your joint account because she can’t help herself. You want to be able to save for your future and potential vacations, but if you date a shopaholic, then she is going to make you miserable because unless you are rich, you will be broke all the time because she can’t keep her finances together. Plus, if she knows how to manage her own money then you will never have to worry about her spending your money.

6 Dump Her: She Hacks Into Your Social Media Accounts


This is another tricky one for a reason. If you have cheated on your girlfriend in the past, then you defiantly deserve this behavior. For one thing, you’re lucky she forgave you in the first place, so if she has to check into your social media accounts to feel safe, then you earned that. But if you have done nothing wrong and you’re a loyal boyfriend, then there is no reason for a girl to be hacking into your private accounts. Girls can be sleuths, we pay attention and it’s not hard to figure out a guy’s password. A girl who is always checking your social media accounts or reading your emails is an insecure one. She is always checking your phone every time you go to the bathroom. No good will come from being with a girl like this one because she will never trust you.

5 Dump Her: She Disrespects You

If you are dating a girl who is always disrespecting you, especially in public, then this is not the girl you want to marry. You certainly won’t get more respect after you've married her. There is nothing more disrespectful then for a girl to freak out or yell at you in public or around people that you know. Usually, these girls can be selfish and only think of themselves. These girls use this as a power play because they know that most guys won’t do anything because the scene is already publicly embarrassing. Even worse, she may be disrespecting you in front of your friends and family by mocking you all the time. This is not the girl that you marry, if she does this stuff to you, then it’s time to call it a day because she’s probably already making you unhappy.

4 Marry Her: She's Good In Bed


Do we even have to explain this? A marriage can feel like an eternity in hell if the s*x is bad. But if you have a girl that is insane in the bedroom, then you might want to marry her because that is golden. If a woman is good in bed, it probably also means she’s confident and knows what she wants. Those are all good things that you want in a future spouse. When she knows what she is doing in the bedroom that’s one of the sexiest things that a guy could ask for. If you find one of these unicorns, then you must marry her. These girls are the ones that demand to be satisfied, but will also take care of all her man’s needs. She will not let your intimate life become boring and she’s always willing to spice things up.

3 Dump Her: She Has A Short Temper

If you find that your girlfriend is always losing her cool with you, even over the smallest things, then it’s not exactly a great sign. If she gets mad at you really easily, it’s probably because she has a short fuse. Girls with short tempers will lose it over the smallest issues and sometimes, they won’t even allow you a chance to explain or get a word in edgewise. Maybe it was something you said or did, but there should at least be a conversation, but instead, you have a girl who loses her cool regularly. She may think that she has the right to be angry and maybe she does, but no one has the right to lose their temper on someone else. If this doesn’t scare you away, then we don’t know what will.

2 Dump Her: She’s Depressing To Be Around


Everyone has their good days and their bad days, we can’t be perfect all the time. But if your girlfriend is depressing to be around because she’s a "Debbie Downer," then that can be hard to take long term. Maybe you want to go out on occasion and she never does. That can really bring a relationship down. She may never want to go out and do anything while you don’t want to sit on the couch for the fifth night in a row. If the way she behaves makes you want to go out and spend time with other people, then that’s a bad sign. It may be time to dump the girl and move on with someone who has similar interests. It’s not fair to be with a girl who never wants to do anything with you. The last thing you want is to always have to go to family events alone or go to your friend’s wedding alone.

1 Marry Her: She’s A Great Cook

These days, it’s not as common to find a woman that enjoys cooking or even knows how to cook. We are in a very different generation where women are out in the workforce as much as men are and we don’t have time to learn the fine art of cooking. There are also women who are terrible cooks and have a freezer full of Hungry Man meals. They can’t be bothered to learn how to cook because they have no desire to, these are the women who want their men to cook for them. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, it all depends on the girl that you’re looking for. So, if you're lucky enough to find a woman who not only enjoys cooking, but loves cooking for you, then you better head right to the jewelry store right now and get her a ring. Don’t waste any time because these girls don’t come along every day.


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