10 Countries Whose Women Love American Men (And 5 Countries To Avoid)

These days, we’ve made it a point to embrace the cultures of others, especially when hot women are involved. In America, you’ll notice that women think that Australian accents are cool, that Japanese men are smart, and that Italian men are romantic. But did you know that there are traits in American men that foreign women just can’t get enough of? There might be a little bit of stereotyping going on, but it’s also true that there are different cultures that are often raised to believe the same. Not to mention, we all inherit a different skin tone, hair color, and body type, depending on who our ancestors were. You see this in the diverse population in the US. So, it’s easy to see how certain countries, as a whole, would tend to be drawn toward certain men from other countries. It’s kind of like how you don’t like dating people from your own small town. It’s cool, but wouldn’t you like someone a little more exotic?

Here we have ten countries whose women really, really like American men. They are as into American men as that nerdy anime-loving girl from Michigan is into the baby-faced Korean dude from her favorite K-Pop band. But not every country loves a hunky American. Some countries have women who generally hate American men, so we’ve included some of them too. Hopefully this list will help guide you on your next overseas trip. That is, if you’re on the market for an exotic, foreign woman who will fall all over you.

Note: Remember that all of these are culture-based, as well as statistically-based, and will not be accurate 100% of the time (you could get lucky). There are women from every country who are into American men and vice-versa.

15 Full Speed Ahead: Filipina Women

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Out of every country in the world, the Filipino people in general are very big fans of America in general. There is a whopping 92% approval rate of America in 2015! That’s far beyond that of any other country in the world, including America itself. This means, out of every other country in the entire world, women from the Philippines are the most likely to crush on American men.

But beware, Filipina women are known to be very strong, capable of running their own homes as head of the household. Out of every country in Asia, women have the highest rank as far as social value and authority is concerned. But there’s a good chance she won’t take dating you lightly, as family means everything to her. The majority of Filipinas want to start a family and aren’t in it for a one-night stand. As for the rumors about them simply being after American men’s money, those are simply not true either.

14 Steer Clear: Russia

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Out of every country in the world, Russia hates America the most as a whole. With a tiny 15% approval rate, I’d say they win in how much they hate us, or at least our political system, which they somehow link to us. However, even without the hate from the past, the tense lifestyle that Russia endures will not allow them to let go in front of an American. That means that the majority of the time, Russian women will be far too uptight with American men, unable to ever let go and be themselves. Which is a shame, since I’m sure most of them are really fun, decent women.

Good luck getting them to lighten up, let go of the past, and show you who they really are. If you like a challenge, go for it, but I’d definitely not count on winning her over.

13 Full Speed Ahead: Japanese Women

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This one goes both ways. For the most part, young American men love them some Japanese women. But on the flip side, Japanese women are often into American men. You know the really prejudiced statement that all Asians look the same? Well, it isn’t true, but what is true is that many Japanese women want a man who is naturally light-haired, tall, and darker skinned than most Japanese men. Even in the Japanese media, Americans are glorified and totally crush-worthy. Watch any anime that involves Americans.

There’s only one thing that you need to know. Japanese women are taught that PDA is out of the question, and that you shouldn’t accept affection from just anyone. Expect some shyness at first. Perhaps you are able to bring her out of her shell with your American charm and earnestness, and that is what she likes about you. However, if you’re a slacker, she and her family will not approve… and out you go. Work ethics go a long way in Japan.

12 Steer Clear: Austria

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Here’s where we slow down. In general, Austrians do not hold Americans in very high regard. The reason for this is that Austria is clearly holding onto the past. They also wish to remain allies with the Middle East, and many Middle Eastern countries that have not been on good terms with America. For this reason, women are taught that American men are arrogant, cruel, and antagonistic.

However, they don’t really want to start a family with anyone. It’s getting closer and closer to 50% of all Austrian women believing that “marriage is an outdated institution” and about half of all children are born outside of marriage. Austrian women also think that equal rights in America do not mean their standards. That’s because, in Austria, men focus on equal treatment rather than equal rights, which is so much more important, according to Austrian women. Now, it would take a strong man to win one of these gals over, as 98.7% of females over 25 in Austria have a secondary education!

11 Full Speed Ahead: Brazil

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Brazilians respect Americans and love all of the things available in America that seem exotic to them, which is funny, since Brazil is rated one of the “most exotic” countries by Americans. And you probably won’t be surprised to hear that they also have been rated as having the most attractive women as well. I’m sure Brazil knows that the country in America with the highest adult Google searches is Brazil. Men love Brazilian women and Brazilian women love American men.

Funnily enough, out of every country in Latin America, Brazil has the best women’s rights, and equality in general. But still, feeling equal in their society is not enough. They want something exotic. Just beware with these women because affection is encouraged and expected in Brazil. They are not afraid to get touchy feely right from the get-go, and they are often down for anything. Movies? Go for it! Netflix? Go for it! A ball game? She’ll cheer along!

10 Steer Clear: North Korea

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This is pretty straightforward, and not a shocker at all. North Korea is living in 1953. When all of the countries rung in the poll stating their approval rate of America, North Korea did not respond. That’s saying a lot. For the most part, America is alienated from them and it would be hard for any North Korean woman to get to know an American man without much fear in her heart.

North Korea is politically isolated from the rest of the world, so we don’t even know how the inequality rates hold up. Women could be treated like dogs, or treated like dirt; no one aside from North Koreans know. That’s the scary part… we just don’t know. For this reason, detaching yourself from North Korea is likely the best bet. South Korea, on the other hand, feels a lot like Japan does and is another go country for men looking for a Korean woman.

9 Full Speed Ahead: Australia

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This one is pretty obvious. I mean, we love Australia, and Australia loves us. It’s a brotherly love that we hope never dies. Out of every country in the world, Australia is known to be the happiest all around. Australia was one of the first to allow women to vote and one of the first to let them stand for parliament. They love women! They love men! They are just really a fantastic country in general, or so they say.

But if it’s so great, why do Australian women like American men? Because of those accents, those American sweets, and that American charm. Australian women like American men for the same reason American women like Australians. Their accent is sexy and they’re pretty much like exotic Americans. However, Australian men are much more romantic and polite. But isn’t that just my American background talking?

8 Full Speed Ahead: Denmark

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Another country that just loves to love is Denmark. One of the happiest countries in the world, Denmark is a small country, which is exactly why the women have so many online searches regarding American men. You see, with such a small country, options are limited as far as entertainment. Danish women are fascinated with the “big” life in America. They believe that everything in America is bigger, though not necessarily better. The truth is that they just often get bored. Like living in a small town, sometimes you just need to get out.

They yearn for larger theaters, a gazillion options in entertainment, shopping malls, and restaurants. They want variety in scenery, and men… you see, the population of Denmark is a fraction of what the population of NYC is! Show them New York, and they will see a city larger than their very own country. Just don’t forget to branch out with the scenery.

7 Full Speed Ahead: Ukraine

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You wouldn’t think it of this European country, but unmarried women have low value in Ukrainian society. It’s easy to see that marriage has nothing to do with value in America (with such a high divorce rate), and Ukrainian women know this. Women are often the target of abuse, harassment, and more. They make much less than men, and are often seen as nothing but a body. There is a women’s rights movement that has the tag line, “Ukraine is not a brothel,” which should tell you everything you need to know.

Many Ukrainian women want out and will hitch a ride with an American in a second, as more American men are fighting with women (or rather, alongside) than Ukrainian men. In fact, out of almost every country, the amount of men fighting for women’s rights is the highest in America. No wonder foreign women are often so attracted to American men!

6 Full Speed Ahead: Mexico

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With more immigrants than from any other country, America knows Mexicans pretty well. You see, the whole dark and handsome thing that many women get from a Mexican man has an equivalent. Well, most Mexican women think that American men have cute accents while speaking Spanish and tend to be respectful toward women of any ethnicity. They also tend to be drawn toward something that is not as common in Mexico: blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. The taller the better, and a little chub never hurt anyone.

Much like rural America, Mexican women are often faced with chauvinism and sexism from men. Abuse is common, and Mexican women must learn to stand up for themselves from an early age. This makes them stronger rather than weaker, most of the time. While today, Mexico is very Americanized, they often still hold onto their heritage. This means that birth control might be against her beliefs, as up until the 1960s, it was illegal. About half of all rural Mexican women do not use birth control, so if kids aren’t something you’re interested in, you might want to talk that over.

5 Full Speed Ahead: Israel

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While over the last year, our bond with Ethiopia is changing for the worse and their approval rate of us is dropping (won’t say why), ours with Israel is only getting better. Palestine women have felt rejected and ignored in the past by both Israeli men and American men. However, Palestine Territory has one of the lowest approval rates in the world regarding America. On the flipside, their neighbor Israel as a country feels accepted by Americans. The Israeli women now feel safe when Americans are around and safe in the arms of an American man.

In their country today, women are regarded as equals and their fight is very similar to ours in America. However, there is one thing in Israel that will make women feel unsafe if they choose to not wear the traditional female clothing: something known as mishmeret tzniyut, or modesty patrol, which is a gang of sorts that patrols the streets to “bring justice” to women who dress immodestly. Now, imagine an American man doing that. No wonder Gal Gadot and Natalie Portman moved to America!

4 Steer Clear: Egypt

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As you know, thousands of years ago, Egypt and Israel were enemies. So you can imagine how their thinking is very different, especially regarding America and the men who reside there. Egyptians are rather respectful towards outsiders. The women may smile at you, talk to you, or go out for coffee. But they will not likely wish to start a serious relationship with a man from America. They have trust issues and will not be keen on getting intimate with an American.

But it gets much worse. Egyptian women were once thought to be equal to men (Cleopatra and Nefertiti) when no other country in the world believed in equal rights. But something changed and they have seemingly regressed. Today, the women in Egypt are often mistreated, and in their society they are sometimes treated very poorly. We’re talking about harmful customs, honor killings and s*xual harassment. These are things American men just can’t understand. They will want to “save” these Egyptian women, but going through the Egyptian men would be much too difficult.

3 Full Speed Ahead: India

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Today, Indian immigration to America is quite common, which means that India also welcomes Americans. As for the women, well, what you might not know is that Indian men often treat women very poorly in society. Their place on the social ladder is quite low. In general, India needs to improve in terms of equal rights. Indian women see that many American men don’t see them as inferior, that they see women as equals, and this is a huge turn-on.

They have been quoted saying that men in America are fair and opportunistic. But in a way, that wouldn’t stab a brother in the back. They look out for themselves, but also others. Indian women like to know that their man will take care of them, but also that they will treat them as an equal rather than a possession.

2 Steer Clear: Iran

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Iran is a lot like Egypt as far as women go. They feel trapped by Iranian male leadership, yet have been “raised” to believe that they are right. In general, the Middle East does not have a high opinion of America and who can blame them? We’ve fought many a war over there and I’d hate us too if I were them. If only the women could see that all many American men want to do is give them a helping hand and pull them out from under anyone’s control but their own; they’d love us for it.

But this is not the case. Iranian women are socially not “allowed” to be with American men. Although it is said they have equal rights in Iran, the truth is that the rules are different. They have dress codes they are to follow, and in general, hijabs are required when in public. This type of modesty is something they hold close to them, and they realize that an American man could never understand their culture.

1 Full Speed Ahead: Ethiopia

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I’d like to say that the majority of Africa really, really likes America. In saying this, I do mean that the women are often on the lookout for an American man to call their own. Unlike Austrians, Ethiopians want to start a family, in general. They don’t look for flings; they look for a man that they can call theirs for life. Although not all Ethiopians are the same, there is one thing that seems to be part of their culture, and that is honesty! They have no problem telling you how they feel. For example, they are not too fond of China. On the flip side, they have an 81% approval rate for the US government, and an even higher one for US citizens.

Like many, they see the US as a “land of opportunity” and feel welcomed by most Americans. Ethiopia has always been our ally, and a strong, loyal one at that. Now, a little bit of love could strengthen that bond to make it unbreakable.

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