YouTube To Allow Makeup Try-Ons Via AR Starting This Summer

YouTube will be allowing you to try on makeup from the comfort of your sofa soon - yes, it's the world we live in now. The days of trial and error as it relates to the purchasing of makeup could soon be a distant memory, as the platform will enable you to try on your favorite shades, lipstick, and whatnot without spending a penny.

Of course, you'd probably know how your favorite shades look on you already. They're favorite for a reason. But you could also venture into territory unknown with an upcoming AR capability.

If we're being honest, there's really no way of knowing how a color will look on your face, no matter how much tutorials promote them - so YouTube's now set to come to your rescue.

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via techcrunch.com

Google has announced that this summer, YouTube viewers will be able to try on products featured in makeup tutorials with a feature called Beauty Try-on.

YouTube's in-house branded content platform FlameBit has partnered with makeup brand MAC and will soon make it possible for influencers to make augmented reality products available for use.

This technology actually isn't all that novel, though. There are a few apps around offering AR product try-ons, with Sephora's Virtual Artist, L'Oreal's Facebook partnership, and Ultra's GlamLab all allowing users to see what they'd look like wearing particular makeup brands.

YouTube's venture, though, takes this a step further as it could make it so that influencers find new opportunities where sponsorship is concerned. Brands could also find the move quite profitable as well.

So you may not have to leave your house to try anything on by next year. There's already an app out there that allows persons to try on shoes before they buy them and this inbound YouTube feature will offer some ease in trying out products without the need to spend any money or visit a store to sample makeup.

What a time to be alive.

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