Why Completely Resetting Your Phone Every Few Months Is A Good Idea

Restoring your phone to its factory settings every few months is actually good practice. Here's why and how exactly you should go about doing it.

It's staggering how much information our phones can hold. What is even more alarming is what information we trust our phones with. Pretty much anything and everything. Our bank details, intimate photos of ourselves, our deepest and darkest secrets. All on one little device that fits in the palm of your hand.

You probably don't want to hear this, but completely wiping everything from your phone as often as every few months is actually good practice. Alexander over at Popular Mechanics recently explained why. The very thought of restoring your device to its factory settings probably gives you intense anxiety. If so, first consider this. The number of times your phone hits you with a notification each day.

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via Popular Mechanics

Chances are it's a lot, and that a lot of those notifications are ones you don't really need to see. That's one of the main reasons why clearing out your phone is a good thing. FYI when we say clearing out, we mean completely wiping your phone. Not scrolling through and deleting a few apps. That isn't going to cut it. Here's exactly what we recommend you do.

First of all, save a full backup of your phone to the cloud. This will act as a safety net should something go wrong. Next, open a computer or some sort of secondary device. That way, when you are prompted to confirm it's really you when logging back into certain places, you can do so right away. Make a note of the apps you simply can't live without, but make sure it's a short list. Also, make note of some important passwords. Then take the plunge and go to Settings -> General -> Reset/Erase All Content and Settings.

It's as simple as that. From that point on, you know the notifications you receive will be ones you actually care about. You know, for a few months at least. By that point, you will have probably downloaded so many more apps that it will be time to go through the entire process again. Plus, with that much memory freed up on your device, chances are it will run a little quicker too.

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