The US Army Is Now Using Microsoft Hololense During Missions

The US Army is now using the Microsoft headset Hololense during their combat missions.

According to Engadget, the US Army has awarded Microsoft a $480 million contract for the company to supply their Hololense headsets not only during live missions but also all training missions. The military hopes the use of these headsets will help them not only detect the enemy but also quickly determine what to do and engage before the enemy.

Even though Microsoft was given the military contract, several other companies were encouraged to pitch their idea to the US Army. The requirement was to create a night device that would not only be used for vision but also can measure breathing and other vital signs. Plus, the headset would need to have hearing protection and monitor signs of consciousness.


Neither Microsoft nor the US Army has released precisely how the company will incorporate the military needs into Hololense. What Microsoft has shared is that the augmented reality technology the device has will help the troops be better informed when it comes to critical and quick decision making. Even though Microsoft and the Department of Defense have a long-standing relationship, this is a new and vital area for both in the partnership.

Hololense is not sold for consumer purposes. It is mainly used for training, manufacturing, marketing and other purposes by large enterprises. The ISS astronauts have frequently used it for training and troubleshooting different issues. Now that the US Army is going to be using the headsets it is unlikely that it will become a consumer product any time soon.

Honestly considering how expensive the headset, it is probably a good thing, it is not a consumer product. The commercial business will pay anywhere from $3000 to $5000 depending on whether a developer or a commercial enterprise are purchasing it.

The US Army is reportedly going to buy around 100,000 of the devices to help with military combat sessions. If all goes well, Microsoft and the Department of Defense will continue to improve the Hololense over the next several years to support military advancement.

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