Track Your Life With This Totally Not Creepy Wearable Camera

The newest wearable accessory is in, and it’s definitely not something you would think of!

An artificial intelligence company is officially launching a wearable camera that can track your social life and relationships. If you are thinking that sounds somewhat creepy, well, you are absolutely right! However, this new tool is actually useful, believe it or not.

The device itself is said to completely change relationships as we know it, and how technology is certainly making its mark in who we choose to become friends and associate with nowadays. The product itself is called the OrCam MyMe, and it has officially hit Kickstarter and is expected to launch in March 2019. The OrCam co-founder Amnon Shashua describes the device as a “Fitbit for social life,” which isn’t something we thought we needed, but apparently it is!


Via Kickstarter

The device is said to be similar to that of previous technological devices that helped people who are visually impaired navigate through their everyday life. However, unlike that device, the OrCam is aimed at everybody and anybody, in order to help you navigate through your everyday social life. The OrCam MyMe is a thumb-sized black plastic rod that has a wide-angle camera embedded into it, allowing the device to film your every waking moment while out and about.

Those who have backed the Kickstarter are able to buy the OrCam MyMe for $199, however, after that, it will retail for nearly $400, says TheVerge. So, how exactly does this record your social life? Well, according to the company, the camera will take a picture once every second, and if there is a face in the frame, it will cross-reference that face with your social media contacts. Once it finally understands who you are meeting with, their names will appear on your mobile devices, and then use that information to quantify relationships with just about anyone from friends, family, and co-workers.

The device will also be able to tell if you are spending more time with people versus a screen, and can then quantify your social bonding, the significance of certain relationships, and essentially keep track of where you are going, and who you are spending time with. Now, this may seem quite invasive, and it is, but it may be useful for those who are interested in measuring human interaction. As OrCam co-founder puts it, “human interaction is known to create happiness… So why not track it?” A good point indeed, would you buy the OrCam MyMe? Let us know!


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