This Russian Vehicle Is The Ultimate Apocalypse Machine

A vehicle suitable for an apocalypse has been created, and is the ultimate survival machine in the event Armageddon comes anytime soon. The machine, called The Sherp ATV, comes complete with massive self-inflating tires, allowing it to drive just about anywhere.

Although its all-terrain capabilities are quite impressive, the Sherp ATV can only drive no faster than 25 MPH. The “apocalypse machine”, was created by a technological Russian firm, which dished out the $65,000 to create the vehicle. The Russian firm revealed how: “this trouble-free machine repeatedly gets us to areas where no man has gone before.”

The Sherp ATV can also float perfectly, and pass easily through marshes and deep snow. In addition, the Sherp ATV is capable of moving out of the water onto the ice, completely autonomous. The mastermind behind the Sherp ATV is none other than Alexei Garagashyan, a mechanic in Saint Petersburg, who utilized the ideas of traditional SUVs and race cars to create the Sherp ATV.


The machine measures 11 feet long and can even climb over obstacles that are nearly 30 inches tall. If that does not impress you, the Sherp ATV can seat 2 people, and can hold up to 15.3 gallons of diesel and includes a 44 horsepower engine from Kubota. The Sherp weighs it at 2,866 pounds and as mentioned tops 27.9 mph on land and 3.7mph in water. Although the Sherp may not be the quickest moving vehicle, it’s indestructible exterior and countless fascinating features definitely outweigh its speed.

The first prototype was designed back in 2012, where countless test runs and advancements were made in order to reach their final version. After years of improvements, changes, and the best technical solutions, the Sherp ATV was sent into mass production and will be made available as of next year.

Its high price point may not make it the most accessible, but if you are looking for a vehicle that can drive on any and all terrains both on land and in water, that can test the force of any disaster, then this is definitely something to look into! Let us know your thoughts on this ultimate “apocalypse machine.”


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