Teenager Hacks Apple, Steals 90GB Of Files

Apple recently had a breach that was created by someone who many would never suspect. A sixteen-year-old from Australia managed to get into servers and take some files that likely weren't his.

Until now, Apple never experienced any breach that would be this massive. One sixteen-year-old who apparently has a passion for the tech giant managed to get into the servers and take a whopping 90 gigabytes of data. According to BGR, the teenager had also accessed customer accounts in the entire process of this little operation. He then reportedly stored it in a file called "hacky hack hack".

The child is apparently well-known in the hacking community, which is why his name cannot be shared, alongside the legal reason of him being a minor.


Hacking Via Sputnik International

He used Virtual Private Networks—also known as VPNs—to hide his identity from Apple and possibly other authorities while he was doing all of the hacking on Apple servers. The entire thing lasted for about a year until Apple managed to track him down.

Apple tracked him down via the serial numbers on the laptops that he used during the attacks. The serial numbers can essentially give a plethora of information about the device simply because it's unique and might even be able to tell someone where the device was made.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP)  found a mobile phone, two laptops, and a hard drive with the humorously named folder and evidence of the attack.

The teen even apparently used WhatsApp, a popular communication app, to brag about what he had done. He also pleaded guilty in court and is now awaiting sentencing.

There is, as always, some good and bad to this entire thing. While it's shocking to see a teenage breach one of the most secure user networks around, it's almost a blessing in disguise as Apple can now make their servers more secure to prevent future situations like this one.

While what the teen did was without a doubt illegal, it showed that he has a skill that many people don't have. He might be able to find some high-paying work in the security industry once this all blows over. Apple basically just had a breach which was bad, but it also showed that they can improve security, this means that down the line, things should be better for Apple in terms of having higher security.


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