10 Tech Companies With Stocks You Could Only Dream Of Affording

Since the 90s, technology has been evolving and booming. Now, about 30 years later, tech companies have had the chance to learn, grow, and come up with new and innovative technologies. We have cell phones that are getting thinner and wider as the years go by and we have computers that can run games better than most consoles.

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There also are now tablets that come with detachable keyboards. All of the success makes you wonder just how much money is involved and how you can get in on it. Unfortunately, it’s an expensive club to buy into! Here are the stock prices for 10 big tech companies! (Remember to bear in mind that stock prices fluctuate, and the ones listed here were based on the time of this writing!)

10 PayPal – $111.74

One the most reliable methods of payment and one of the most popular, PayPal is last on our list, but it's still no joke. In 2002, the company made itself available for investment at just $13 per share. Since then, the stock price has gone up by almost $100. Even though it may not be the most impressive number, buying enough to capitalize on definitely would drain the average person’s bank account quickly. Founded in 1998, the company merged with tech guru Elon Musk’s banking company X.com and is very successful today.

9 Microsoft – $126.16

Known mostly for their computer software, including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and everything in between, Microsoft is one of the biggest, most successful tech giants in the world. It was also the third American technology company to achieve over $1 trillion in revenue. Bill Gates and Paul Allen discovered Microsoft together in 1975, just a year before Apple sold its first computer. Once known mostly for software, Microsoft is now known for its expensive tablets and computers as well as their phones. They also own companies like Skype and MSN.

8 Salesforce – $155.19

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company, best known for its customer relationship management software. The software is designed to help companies, businesses, and individuals “sell, service, and market smarter”, according to their website. People who use the software are usually looking to manage their company or business’s interaction with their current/potential clients. They also have the Canadian “Trail Blazer Fund” (about $100 million), which helps support Canadian technology start-ups. The large company came about in 1999 and now has over 35,000 employees and has made about $1.1 billion in revenue.

7 Nvidia Corporation – $143.33

Commonly known as simply Nvidia, Nvidia Corporation is an American tech company that specializes in producing and selling graphics processing units, or GPUs, for computers. Simply put, they produce and distribute what makes the games on your computer pretty! Nvidia is based on four markets for their products: gaming, data centers, auto, and professional visualizations. Since its founding in 1993 by Jensen Huang, Curtis Priem, and Chris Malachowsky, it has been very successful, earning a total of $9.7 billion in revenue. It certainly is a tech giant that cannot be ignored.

6 Apple – $178.33

One of the big tech giants, Apple is considered to be one of the “Big Four”, which also includes Google, Amazon, and Microsoft (all on this list). Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak (who actually built the first Apple computer), and Ronald Wayne. Despite the fact that all three of the men had a part in building the company, the world mostly knows Steve Jobs. Since 1976, they have developed computers, phones, laptops, tablets, software and so much more. Apple’s stock definitely reflects their success and popularity.

5 Facebook – $184.31

Facebook is one of the most known social media websites in the modern world. Owning popular social media and connection methods like Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook has grown incredibly since its beginnings in 2003. Back then, it was called Facemash and was designed by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg.

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Comparable to Hot or Not, the website received about 450 visitors in the first hour. Since then, the website has grown, expanded, and gone through many changes including name changes, complete redesigns, as well as numerous updates to keep the site modern.

4 Netflix – $354.78

Who isn’t guilty of binge watching a series or two on a Saturday afternoon? We definitely are! Netflix is one of the most popular streaming websites all over the world. When it first launched in 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, Netflix was supposed to serve as an Amazon-like e-commerce platform, since Randolph admired it. Hastings helped by investing about $2.5 million dollars towards the cause. Now, Netflix is known for its affordable memberships and brilliant original shows and movies. It is also the butt of the meme “Netflix and Chill”.

3 Alphabet – $1121.59

Alphabet was founded in 2015, after Google announced that they were going to introduce a new holding company. For those who are unsure, a holding company basically only exists to buy shares for and invest in the company that parents it. Most of the company’s revenue (about 85%) comes from advertisements from AdSense and Google Ads, but it does have some devices and gadgets. In 2018, Alphabet sued Uber because the company seemed to have copied Alphabet’s self-driving technology. Eventually, Uber decided to pay about $245 million in equity an agreed not to use the technology.

2 Google – $1139.56

Everyone’s favorite search engine and browser, Google started off in 1998 by two Ph.D. students named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Most famously know to be the answer to everything, Google has since come out with numerous gadgets and gizmos. This includes things like Chromebook laptop, the Pixel cell phone, and Google Home. Google also owns large companies like YouTube, which was bought in November of 2006. The tech giant has grown significantly in recent years, making it another one of the Big Four.

1 Amazon – $1836.43

The number one on this list, Amazon, is also number one on the top 25 tech giants in the world. Mostly known as one of the most popular online stores where it seems one can get anything, Amazon is also recognized as a producer of music, movies, and shows from Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Music. The company also supports self-publishing for independent authors through Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing. Announced in 1997, and one of the youngest companies on this list, Amazon has come a very long way, and the price of its shares reflect that.

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