T-Mobile Destroys AT&T For Update Featuring Fake 5G Logo

T-Mobile has roasted rival network AT&T after the latter led its patrons to believe they had 5G when really it was nothing of the sort.

Technology has almost reached a point where it is too fast for most of us to keep up with. That especially applies to our phones. It wasn't that long ago that all we used phones for was to make calls and send the odd text. If we did accidentally hit the internet icon we'd frantically press cancel before it began to charge us the extortionate rate that used to exist just to surf the web.

Now our entire lives revolve around our smartphones. They have all our photos, we no longer have to remember numbers as we simply have contacts, many of us use our phones for banking, and they even have a record of our thumbprint. It's never enough though, is it? As soon as the latest update hits our phones we begin asking what's coming next.


The next big change on the agenda for our phone is the arrival of 5G. If you are tired of 4G and the speed at which your phone loads things is simply not fast enough anymore, fear not, as 5G is coming soon. In fact, AT&T customers might have thought that it had already arrived. That's because a logo reading "5G E" recently replaced the LTE one on their screens. In actual fact, AT&T has slightly increased its speed and labeled the update "5G Evolution," as reported by The Verge.

The network doesn't have 5G capability at all, and its publicity stunt warrants a fair bit of ridicule. T-Mobile has stepped up in that regard. Earlier this week, the network tweeted a video of someone placing a sticker that read 9G over its own LTE logo. The caption that went along with the video reads "didn't realize it was this easy."

Perhaps the worst thing about this whole stunt is the availability of the update AT&T is rolling out across its rival's networks. The speeds it is boasting have been available to more Verizon and T-Mobile customers for a lot longer. However, the same stunts were pulled by other networks as we eagerly awaited the arrival of 4G. That likely means we haven't seen the last of this behavior quite yet.


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