Study Reveals What The iPhone XS Really Costs Before Apple Inflates The Price

Apple is notorious for its state of the art technology, but it also has a reputation for breaking the bank just a bit! Apple announced their newest gadgets on Sept. 12, 2018, during their annual event, and they definitely did not disappoint. With newer iPhones, Apple Watches and iOS 12, Apple has delivered yet again.

Although the iPhone is a staple piece for any techie out there, their products don’t come cheap, especially not when it’s fresh out production. Apple released two new smartphones, the iPhone XS and the XS Max. Although they also came out with a “budget” smartphone, their costs still appear to be too high for the average consumer.

Starting at $999 for the XS and $1,099 for the XS Max, Apple has still managed to sell their phones like hotcakes, however, are you really getting what you’re paying for? According to DailyMail, it appears the iPhone doesn’t cost nearly half of what you’re paying to make. An Ontario based firm named TechInsight, recently ripped apart the $1,249 iPhone XS Max 256 GB version, only to find out the parts are not worth nearly half of its retail value. Talk about a steal, literally!


Via DailyMail

After taking its parts out and inspecting it at face value, the 256 GB iPhone XS Max came in at $443 in parts and assembly costs, while the 2017 iPhone X 64 GB version costs $395.44. The phone in question is currently available online and in-store sitting comfortable at $1,249, all while only costing a fraction of that price. If you do the math, after parts and labor cost, Apple is making over $800 on the sale of that phone.

As for the $1,099 iPhone XS Max, TechInsight valued the 6.5-inch display screen at $80.50, compared to the $77.27 it cost last year for the iPhone X’ 5.8-inch screen. A small increase in cost was noted from last year to this, showing that Apple has upgraded their gear, all while still getting a nice chunk of the sale.

This does not come as a surprise whatsoever; Apple didn’t become a multi-billion dollar corporation by providing fair pricing! With that being said, people love them and will continue to buy their products regardless of how much it really costs to make. Consumerism at its finest!


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