Sprint & HTC Reveal Plans For 5G Device

Sprint is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, and they may be bringing a 5G network to the masses

. Many people who own a smartphone of any kind are Sprint customers, making them hugely successful financially speaking. But they're not just large due to the size of their customer base; they're also big due to the many partnerships they have going on. Now there's another one set to happen, making them bigger than ever before.

As reported by The Verge, Sprint is set to partner with the smartphone company HTC. The reasons for this is so that the two companies can develop a so-called mobile "smart hub", which will run on a 5G network by early next year.

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The device in question is said to be in development through a collaboration of HTC, Qualcomm, and Sprint. It will use something known as a Qualcomm Snapdragon x50 5G modem, complete with both gigabit LTE and 5G capabilities. HTC's "smart hub" implies that this device could potentially be used a some sort of a mobile hot spot. Unfortunately for those interested in the news—including technophiles, Sprint customers, and HTC customers—neither company has revealed any more details on the matter.

This news is not the first instance of Sprint beginning to craft a 5G network. Back in August of this year, the telecommunications company announced another partnership with fellow smartphone company LG. The reasoning behind this collaboration is to build a 5G smartphone for the former's 5G network. As for the timeline for Sprint's new 5G network, it's expected to happen by the beginning of 2019. The company wants to start relatively small with just nine cities getting this network. This includes Atlanta, Georgia;  Kansas City, Missouri; and New York City, New York, just to name a few.

As previously mentioned, Sprint and HTC either can't or won't reveal anymore details that concern their newfound partnership. So for intrigued customers, they can only sit back and wait for more details to eventually trickle out for one or both corporations. Here's hoping that this happens sooner than later.

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