A New Smart Wristband Can Help With Managing Your Emotions

With smart wearables such as FitBit gaining popularity with consumers over the last couple of years, the market continues to grow dramatically by the day. Such smart wristbands are used to monitor the user's heart rate, track their steps, improve sleep patterns, and so much more. But now, a new start-up company is creating a smart wristband that can do all that — and something else not yet seen before.

Upmood is a brand new smart wristband that has the ability to monitor your emotions. The wristband collects data from your nervous system in the same matter that it collects data regarding your heart rate. The wristband then works to understand how you're feeling to then create an emotional pattern. It even allows you to monitor the feelings of your friends and family.


Via Kickstarter

The data collected regarding emotion-tracking is thought to hopefully help the user learn better emotional control. It monitors both positive and negative emotions so the user can see how they react to certain situations, and then later respond more appropriately based on their data. The biggest hope is that the Upmood smart wristband will allow the user to understand what others experience to can help them feel better.

As exciting as the concept is, Upmood has had some struggles in taking off. The biggest issue is getting approval from the FDA to do additional research to combat concerns raised by the product. This includes medications that could alter the user's mood to create inaccurate data. There are also ethical concerns such as users' privacy and any necessary testing requiring emotional manipulation. The founders behind Upmood hope to overcome these hurdles before they're able to release their smart wristband to the public.

Upmood is currently in the middle of running a Kickstarter campaign to launch their product and accompanying app by Sept. 18, 2018. As of now, the start-up has raised just over $3, 300, with the ultimate goal of raising exactly $41, 509. Those that choose to support the project financially will be rewarded with specific perks by certain dates, depending on how much money they give to the emerging tech start-up.


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