10 Most Expensive Products By Samsung

Samsung, the South Korean-based conglomerate, was started in 1938 by Lee Byung-chull. It originally began as a trading company in Japan. Over a 30-year span, the company expanded into other areas. In the late ’60s, they entered the electronics business. When Byung-chull passed away in 1987, Samsung was broken into four groups.

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Since 1990, the company has steadily remained relevant in the world of electronics and technology. In 2017, Samsung came in 6th on the list of companies with the highest world brand value. Today, the brand produces some of the most technologically advanced electronics and appliances in the world. Here is a list of the 10 most expensive products by Samsung.

10 Galaxy Note 9 (512GB - $1.3k)

Samsung’s popular cellular devices often cause people to forget that the company makes other things. However, nearly 20% of cellular devices that are sold around the world are Samsung phones. Each year the company slams the competition with its new releases. When the Galaxy Note was first released, it broke the record for the most expensive cell phone in history.

With 512GB of expandable memory, the phone boasted the largest battery to ever be used in a Note. The S-pen allowed users to remotely control the screen from a distance. Samsung created a device that did what no other device could and if you wanted it, you had to pay.

9 55" Class The Serif QLED Smart 4K UHD TV ($1.6K)

The “I” shaped design of this television, paired with its white color, gives this smart TV a look of sophistication. The 4K technology makes colors pop and the pictures come to life. Again, Samsung outdid themselves by combining the newest technology with a modern design concept.

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The company took the sophistication to another level by introducing the Ambient Mode pattern. The pattern was designed especially for the Serif to eliminate the appearance of the black screen when the television has been idle for a period of time. Instead, viewers are treated to scenes of nature. The price is almost like paying more than $20 an inch.

8 High-Efficiency FlexDry Dryer ($2k)

There’s no way Samsung could create such an awesome washing machine and not construct a dryer worth roughly the same amount. Just like the washer, the dryer allows you to dry two loads at the same time. It’s like having two machines in one. One of the dryer's best features is that it allows for proper handling of delicates thanks to a flat dry option.

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The multi-stream feature means you spend less time ironing. Connect the dryer to the Internet and you can be notified when the load is done and even schedule when the machine is to start or stop.

7 High-Efficiency FlexWash Washer ($2k)

For years, people have wished that they could wash more than one load at a time. Now they can! The retail price of this high-efficiency washing machine is nearly $2k. Samsung does offer to finance for this time-saver but the idea of getting the laundry done quicker is the only selling point required.

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The sleek and stylish machine introduces a new Samsung technology known as “PowerFoam” that mixes the detergent with air and water to create the ultimate cleanser. Add the wi-fi connectivity feature, which allows you to control the machine from anywhere, and Samsung has created a dream machine. Unfortunately, a lot of people can only dream about owning such a pricey appliance.

6 36" Induction Cooktop with Flex CookZone ($2.5k)

This high-priced cooktop offers an adaptable surface and the option to use magnetic knobs or the digital touch controllers. The initial cost of the product is nearly $2.5k. Samsung does offer 24-month financing for those who don’t want to pay in full, upfront. With wi-fi connectivity, there’s no need to stand over your food as its cooking.

You’ll maintain full control of the unit from any mobile device, anywhere. The coolest feature about this cooktop is the LED lights that make it look like you’re cooking with gas. This is the perfect appliance for those who love the outdoors.

5 22-cu ft. 4-Door French Door w/ 21.5-inch Touch Screen Family Hub Refrigerator ( $3.5k)

Technology has taken over and even kitchen appliances are keeping up with the times. The Family Hub line of refrigerators by Samsung come fully equipped with a “Ring Video Doorbell Pro” that allows you to view who is at your door via the screen on the refrigerator door.

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Offering wi-fi connectivity, this highly evolved cooler box also comes with a voice assistant called Bixby. The built-in ice maker puts out nearly 9 pounds of ice per day. Still, who would have thought the day would come when you’d be able to manage your calendar and share pictures using a kitchen appliance?

4 82-Inch QLED Smart 4K UHD TV ($5.3K)

Samsung has always been on top of its game when it comes to television manufacturing. It’s no wonder the company was among the first to put 4K HDR technology to use. This television quadruples the resolution of full high-definition television, offering more color variety for a brighter and clearer picture.

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The 4K processor offers instant upscaling. The Samsung website lists the sale price as $4.5K. Nevertheless, that is after an instant saving of almost $1,000. The original and crossed out the price of this smart TV is nearly $5.3k. It is available in smaller sizes.

3 24-cu ft. 4-Door French Door Panel Refrigerator ($8.9k)

Part of Samsung’s Chef Collection, this refrigerator actually requires an accessory kit and a carpenter to put the finishing touches on it for installation. It can be connected to your wi-fi and the camera allows you to use any mobile gadget to see what’s on your refrigerator shelves.

One of the best features is the FlexZone. It offers four temperature settings, allowing you to decide whether you want to use it as a freezer or refrigerator. The pantry drawer offers three settings. With LED lighting, this technologically superior refrigerator is also an energy saver. The only thing missing is the food!

2 98" Q900 QLED Smart 8K TV ($69.9k)

Samsung has truly outdone itself with the price of the 98-inch flat-screen television. Ironically, the $69.9k price tag that is listed on the site is with $30k in savings. The smart TV offers the best viewing experience in technology. The 8k resolution makes the onscreen picture come alive. It’s even able to upscale the resolution of older quality films.

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The 8k processor not only adds to the picture quality but also enhances the sound. The size of the screen is like having a personal movie theater. Of course, this TV is available on various other retail sites for various prices. With a price tag like that, it's probably smart to shop around. The television does come in smaller sizes too.

1 105" Curved 4K UHD Smart LED TV ($120k)

This black and chrome Smart TV has a curved panel screen that measures 104.6 inches, diagonally. Wi-fi connectivity is built-in, along with a pop-up camera. Smart View 2.0 technology allows for 3D viewing, giving the ultimate in-home viewing experience.

Although Samsung has released larger-sized televisions than this one, the price tags have come nowhere close. Reviews for the big screen television have been mixed but anyone who was capable of buying it in order to leave a review probably has more than enough to be grateful for.

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