Rumor: Samsung Working On Galaxy Watch

Smartwatches seem to be coming out everywhere and are built by pretty much anyone at this point in time and Samsung is hopping on the bandwagon by developing one under the well-known and trusted brand name of Galaxy.

According to The Verge, it has been reported that the watch might utilize the Wear OS, although this has not yet been confirmed. If this is true, it would be a mild change in the software of the watch.

It would also be a change for the users since they have typically used smartwatch OS, which was developed by Samsung. The change will certainly be a point of questioning for many consumers who are familiar with the old operating system and may have to learn new layouts and features. That said, it can be a great experience if done correctly.

The Galaxy branding could be a good move if Samsung goes through with it. It's a popular brand that is well liked. This means that more people will instantly feel comfortable buying the product since it's under a quality name.

When things like that happen, it does have the power to increase sales since consumers can talk about how much confidence they have in the brand name and encourage others to buy the same product.


Via Samsung Newsroom

While this watch is basically a rumor at this point and cannot be directly confirmed at this time, if it's true, it could mean that consumers will have a choice in their operating system.

Samsung has been said to generally release new Gear smartwatches at the end of August, so it seems like everyone will just have to wait until something comes out to see if any of this is actually true.

There is one great part of it though. It can give hope to everyone who's not the biggest fan of the current operating system. They just might be able to go ahead and use a different and possibly superior operating system. It can also be a bad thing, specifically for those customers that are familiar with the current system and despise small possible changes like this.

Overall, Samsung can really make a fortune if they were to change the lineup name and operating system of their new smartwatches. They can also create some issues with people who are not the biggest fans of change if this was to go through.


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