Samsung's New Galaxy A9 Smartphone Will Feature 4 Rear Cameras

Smartphone users looking for an upgrade will definitely have their eyes on Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy A9 model revealed Oct. 11, 2018, at a trade show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And once they get their hands on these new beauties, they'll have four eyes looking right back at them.

Well, four cameras, actually. Lest you think only the vainest of smartphone users would die to have selfies shared to their fawning social media base in quad for four times the ego gratification, it's probably more prudent to explain that each camera does have a specific function.

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One of them captures standard 24-megapixel images, while another one features a big-picture perspective of the subject being shot with an ultra-wide lens that can capture 8 MP of visuals. Still not enough? Then take a shot with another camera with a telephoto lens, giving users 10 MP of resolution and a zoom that doubles the size of the image.

Finally, for the extremely fastidious, the fourth camera features a depth lens with 5 MP of clarity, which comes in handy when capturing images at close range. The depth lens, combined with a live focus feature, not only gives you a clear picture of the close-range subject, but it also adjusts the blurriness of the background that usually occurs when photographers take close-ups. It's little wonder why Samsung is marketing this as the ultimate tool for the Instagram generation.


Another benefit courtesy of the Samsung brain trust is that you can start clicking away for longer than usual, thanks to a 3800 mAh (or milliampere hour, which is a single unit of electrical charge used to measure capacity), battery allowing for longer smartphone sessions. Memory also won't be an issue since the new smartphone will come with 128 GB of storage, plus provisions for up to 512 GB of additional space. Also included is 6 GB of RAM and a microSD card. Audiophiles can enjoy listening to music in FLAC and WAV formats, which offer way more resonance than MP3.

When the Samsung Galaxy A9 hits the shelves in November isn't quite known, but suffice to say that it will also be available in three colors: blue lemonade, bubblegum pink, and caviar black. The suggested mid-range price will be $718.

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