This WALL-E Inspired Robot Will Let You Check In On Your Pet And Give Them Treats

The future of tech is looking good, especially for any pet owners out there! The guilt of having to leave your adorable pets at home while off at work, school, or a night out is never fun, however, there is an awesome gadget that can keep them company.

The Vava Mobile Pet Cam, which is quite reminiscent of a real-life WALL-E, is taking on the task as a companion for your pet while you are away. Many pets suffer from separation anxiety when their owners have to take off for the day, but Vava Mobile Pet Cam is trying to help with just that. Vava launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Mobile Pet Cam, and after successfully raising the funds, they have finally released the innovative tech that will befriend your pets and keep them company.


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The Pet Cam, which is nothing more than a simple astronaut-like helmet and a glass face shield, stands on parallel rubber tank-like treads that allow it to move freely throughout your house. According to Vava, “the mobile cam can navigate tile, hardwood floors, and carpeting”, making it accessible in most households across the nation. This little piece of tech can follow your pet around the house using a mobile device app that can be controlled automatically or manually through the owner’s smartphone while away.

Via Digital Trends

The Vava can follow your pup or kitten in any room and even fits under most standard beds. The machine also has intelligent collision and a drop-detection system that eliminates the chances of bumping into obstacles or falling down a flight of stairs. In addition to keeping your pet company, the Vava can also record video clips with the Pet Cam’s 1080P camera, and even record in night vision.

If that weren’t enough, the Vava can allow you to check on your fur baby with a two-way audio system allowing your pet to hear your voice while away. One feature that any cat owner will love is there built-in laser pointer, that can keep your cat occupied, all of which can be controlled from the app. If that isn’t reason enough, the Vava can also get your pets treats, ensure they drink and eat and keep them as anxiety-free as possible. You can snag a pre-order of the Vava right now for $149.


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