Print Photos From Your Phone Instantly With This Handy Device

Have you ever needed some space on your phone, but didn't want to delete any of those precious images and videos to drastically increase the available space on your device? HP might have the answer to that issue.

You can purchase a device that allows you to print on demand. This means that you can print a picture whenever you want so you can keep those old memories or give someone a picture that was just taken.

The device is called the HP Sprocket Photo Printer — and it's pricy. It's going to cost around $160, but it's worth it.  Some of the specifications are a small size (its exact dimensions are 75 x 116 x 23 mm), which allows you to bring it on airplanes and even in a school bag.

The print speed is decent with being as fast as 40 seconds. This might not be as fast as other printers out there, but the user needs to keep in mind that this device is supposed to be small and fit inside a bag or large pocket.

It's obviously powered by a battery which means it's meant to be brought outside with someone. Inside the case is a Li-Polymer 7.4 V - two cell, 500 mAh internal battery. This means that it's not drawing a ton of power and should have a decent length to it.


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The only real thing that might cause a fuss with some is that it's got an app. It's called the Sprocket app and is needed if a user would like to print via mobile. Alongside that, the user will need to connect to the device via Bluetooth. With that being said, the app actually allows you to edit the images a little bit. You can crop them and add other external things such as emojis to brighten it up a bit.

Back to the device itself, it's one of those cool inkless printers. Forget running out of ink, and don't worry about a small leak in your bag as HP decided to make it a laser printer. That said, you do, however, need to buy some paper, but it does make sense and HP sells specific paper for this printer since it's a unique product. The printer itself can hold ten sheets at once, which we'd argue is a perfect number to carry.

The resolution of your printed images won't be the best out there but will be decent with a nice image of 313 x 400 dpi being pumped out of the machine.

All in all, this photo printer is great for anyone that needs to give a photo to someone right away or just create some space by having a physical copy instead of digital on their phones. Other than that, theHP Sprocket Photo Printer has decent specifications and should get the job done just fine, especially since it doesn't need ink and can print at a decent resolution.


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