Pocket Washing Machine Zaps Your Clothes Clean

A portable washing machine small enough to fit into your pocket is hitting shelves soon! A reusable gadget that can turn any sink into a mobile washing machine and turn any stain clean, has arrived!

With past creations such as Tide To Go proving itself quite effective at stain removal, a new form of technology has emerged that can practically have you carrying around a washing machine. A crowdfunding campaign has successfully allowed for the creation of this portable device that uses ultrasound waves to clean your clothes in less than 30 minutes.

The Dolfi, a portable device no bigger than a bar of soap, yes, that’s right, a bar of soap, and can do a load of washing in 30 minutes by submerging in any nearby sink. The device uses bubbles to implode into jets of water when the Dolfi is dropped in a sink. Although this doesn’t seem convenient in dire situations, the idea of being able to wash your clothes in both a short amount of time and smaller area, will not only save you space at home, but also time, energy and water!


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The device creators claim the Dolfi will revolutionize the “way people clean their clothes,” and even uses 80 times less energy than a standard washing machine! Now that’s something we can definitely get on board with. The device will in no way shape or form harm your clothes whatsoever and can be used on any fabric, including cashmere, so even your most fabric-sensitive items can be cleaned safe and sound.

In addition, the Dolfi manufacturers claim that you can wash your clothes over and over without them ever deteriorating. This pocket-sized device will cost $190 and can be carried around in a carrier bag so that buyers can use it at home, hotels or even at work if need be. It is the perfect device for those who love to travel as well, you won’t have to pack without the worry of needing as much clothes, no you can pack light and just wash as you go along.

Via DailyMail

The device will not only save you money from hefty hotel laundry services, but it can be done with ease as well. Buyers will have to switch on the plastic contraption and drop it in a sink full of water, dirty clothes, and some detergent, it’s that easy! As for the actual process of how the clothes get cleaned, the ultrasound waves emit microscopic high-pressure bubbles that get rid of any dirt or strains your clothes may have.

The prototype was first made in 2016, and is now available to the public worldwide. Let us know if you’d get your hands on a Dolfi!


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