You Could Get Piles From Using Your Phone While Sitting On The Toilet

Your mobile phone could be the reason you get hemorrhoids if you use it while you're sitting on the toilet.

Folks aren't usually keen on admitting that they have lots of phone time while sitting on the loo, but the fact is most of us do. Per the Metro, a recent study conducted in Britain revealed that 57 percent of residents have confessed to using the phone while spread over a toilet bowl. Additionally, eight percent owned up to doing it all of the time.

Doctors are now claiming that the practice could lead to you getting those unwanted, shameful, painful lumps around your... you get where this is going.

GP and Clinical Director of patient.info, Dr. Sarah Jarvis, recently told The Sun that the length of time spent on a phone while on the toilet could increase the risk of one getting piles - the logic being that the longer you sit there means more pressure on the veins of the anus and the lower rectum.

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It makes total sense as the condition is officially described as the result of swollen veins in the aforementioned spots.

"Constipation and straining to poo is a major risk factor for piles - being pregnant, chronic cough and getting older also factor. But so too does prolonged sitting on the loo," she explained.

"And while in the past, some of us took a good book into the toilet with us, these days it’s more likely to be the ever-present mobile phone. So tempting while it may be to scroll through your apps while you’re waiting to perform, doctors don’t recommend it."

Sitting on a toilet could be the most relaxing part of one's day and there used to be a time when it was actually a favorite reading spot. Nowadays, phones have taken over and it's likely rare to find someone who owns a smartphone but doesn't take it with them to the restroom.

A healthy amount of fiber, coupled with regular exercise, should be enough to ensure that you never get piles. But leaving your phone in another room while you're doing a No.2 (a No.1 too if you're female) also seems to be a great preventative measure, given this recent revelation.

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