Nintendo Plans On Turning Your Phone Into A GameBoy

Nintendo has plans of turning your smartphone into a GameBoy! The Big N has been working hard lately, with their latest releases of a NEW Classic and a SNES Classic; many are wondering if there will ever be a GameBoy classic? Well, it appears there will be!

Nintendo has allegedly thought of one way to bring back to the classic GameBoy, and that is simply through our touchscreen mobile devices. The news first broke when Nintendo came up with a published patent to turn our smartphone into a GameBoy. The patent itself was originally filed this past March 2018 and then published late last month. Siliconera first spotted the patent this week, and the news immediately broke out.


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The idea is quite simple actually, Nintendo intends on using an attachment to our phones, similar to that of a folio-style phone case, to give off both the look and functions of a GameBoy. Once this cover is placed atop your cell phone, you can close it and be able to see the screen through a square cutout, replicating the screen of the Nintendo handset.

According to CNet, the cover will have buttons similar to that of the original gadget, and beneath the cutout screens, there will be buttons that interact with the touchscreen acting as the controls. But how would we be able to play games? Well, the smartphone will be paired with some sort of “downloadable software”, that will allow for a game to pop up onto your screen.

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Essentially, there will be an array of apps that are formatted to fit the cutout screen, which will interact with the touchscreen buttons allowing you to play the game. The best part of all this is that Nintendo intends for this to work with the hardware we already have! We won’t have to run out and buy a new smartphone that works solely for this idea.

Nintendo wants their patent to be able to work on the devices people currently have without having to dish out on new hardware. The idea seems great, and although it’s only in the beginning stages, we’re stoked to see where this goes!


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