10 Hot New Tech Gadgets You Should Own

Everyone loves keeping up with the latest tech trends and being the first to own the coolest new gadgets. That is why we have put together this list of must-own items. From computer accessories to wearables, these are 10 of the coolest new technological products out there. They make great gifts, they are surely on many wish lists, and they are smart options for those who are here and looking to buy something for themselves!

So browse through the 10 gadgets below, which can help transform homes, computers and lives, with their futuristic properties and features that are actually just super neat.

10 Xtra-PC Turbo


Turn your old, outdated, slow PC into a like-new one with the Xtra-PC! Instead of buying an entirely new computer, this little device can simply be inserted into a USB port. Then, just restart the computer, hit the boot menu key, and get 16GB of storage.

It works on nearly all laptops, desktops and netbooks that originally used Windows XP, Vista or 7, were made in 2004 or later and can boot to USB. Plus, it may be nice to have a couple of things hanging around… Who knows when more space and a faster speed may be needed?!

9 FLEXISPOT Deskcise Pro


Part exercise bike, part standing desk, the FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro has a height-adjustable desk combined with an exercise bike. Those who work from home will love getting to work like never before! There is “whisper quiet” pedaling on the bike portion so it doesn’t disturb concentration and a user-friendly adjustment lever on the seat.

The desk surface here is also large enough to accommodate a laptop with room to spare, so there is a place for a phone, a water bottle or a to-do list. This tech product is definitely the coolest and healthiest way to work, sit and ride.

8 Mevo Plus Live Action Camera


With this camera, people can broadcast live from anywhere - and that is pretty important to many in this day and age. This adaptable and innovative Mevo Plus is ultra-compact yet surprisingly powerful, as it streams live 1080p video and records 4K footage. Simply connect it to a mobile device via the free Mevo app, and start streaming or recording in seconds.

This is the perfect thing to get YouTubers, social media managers, reporters and fans of our tech-driven world. Any video can be instantly captured and shared, with this smart device that is another must-own product on this list.

7 Fitbit - Charge 3


Fitness trackers are all the rage, as people can combine health and wellness with technology. Do so in style with the Fitbit - Charge 3. It is water-resistant up to 50m (making it great for swimmers and divers), it provides access to smartphone apps (which is handy for receiving notifications), and it is lightweight (meaning it provides comfort all day long).

There are also several cool colors from which to choose, meaning anyone and everyone can find a version that they truly want and need! So don’t just settle for any ol’ activity watch. Get the latest and greatest, right here and right now.

6 SimpliSafe - Shield Home Security System


A lot of gadgets out there are pretty amazing, but a home security system is beyond useful. And the wireless SimpliSafe security system provides full-time professional monitoring of homes and their surroundings. With its advanced technology, it can detect intruders with powerful sensors to promote overall safety.

Even if/when the power goes it, this thing will continue to work for 24 hours too. While all the items on this list are on wish lists, this needs to be at the top of the need list, as it can keep houses, possessions and - most importantly - loved ones safe and secure.

5 Garmin Speak Plus Dash Cam with Amazon Alexa


Our cars need fabulous gadgets, as well, like the Garmin Speak Plus Dash Cam with Amazon Alexa. This is no ordinary dashcam; it not only records - It also provides driver assistance features such as forward collision and lane departure warnings.

When using Garmin turn-by-turn navigation, owners can ask Alexa to create to-do lists, check calendars, control smart home devices and entertain passengers with interactive games - all while driving! The Garmin Speak app works with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to stream Alexa responses and music through the car stereo, for a hands-free, exciting, safe and tech-driven ride.

4 Sprocket 2nd Edition Instant Photo Printer


As mentioned, we live in a very technological world, meaning many of us are constantly capturing photos. With the Sprocket 2nd Edition Instant Photo Printer, we can print pictures from our smartphones - How handy! This compact HP product can fit in our pockets (It is that small), yet it features powerful Bluetooth connectivity so that we can quickly and easily print pictures.

Our friends can print, too, and we will know whose is printing when due to this gadget’s personalized lights. This is another smart gift idea to consider, so think about birthdays, holidays and other celebrations that are approaching.

3 Kate Spade Scallop 2 Smartwatch


Smartwatches allow users to get important data at a glance, view notifications from any app or messaging system, ignore/accept calls, get the weather, track activity, use Google Pay, create lists or reminders and control music.

Now, imagine being able to do all of that and more with this sleek and stylish watch from Kate Spade. The Scallop 2 is stainless steel, has a touchscreen and is water resistant up to 30m/100ft. And just look at it… Anyone who is a fan of fashion, of this brand, of gadgets and of the latest tech advancements needs this watch!

2 Harman Kardon Citation One Wireless Speaker


While speakers are great for playing our tunes, advanced ones go beyond that… like this one right here - the Harman Kardon Citation One Wireless Speaker. We can use it to allow our voices to ask for our favorite songs. We can enjoy its high-definition music streaming, powered by the cloud.

We can pair two Citation One speakers in the same room for stereo sound. We can take careful security measures and turn the speaker's microphones off. We can look at the multi-color LED indicators to know the current state of these microphones. And we can know that automatic software updates will always be giving us the newest features, services, music and voice options.

1 TCL 4K UHD TV with HDR - Roku TV


TVs are not just TVs any longer. They can stream high-definition content on huge screens. They give us 4K and ultra HD resolution for detailed and crystal-clear images. And today’s televisions are also smart, like this TCL 4K LED TV, which provides access to a variety of streaming services with its integrated dual-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.

Think of the parties that can be centered around this. Think of the sports that can be enjoyed on this. Think of the Netflix and flicks that can be watched on this. Yes, it is another must-have product and another new tech gadget!

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