New Pioneer DDJ-400 Will Teach You How To Spin Like A Pro

New Pioneer DDJ-400 Will Teach You How To Spin Like A Pro

Pioneer’s new controller is aimed at the aspiring DJ who wants to get up to speed and start spinning like a pro.

Do you have dreams beyond mixing tracks on your iPhone for your friend’s birthday party? Do you want to be in a cramped box inside a club with teeming masses just begging for your sick beats?

Then Pioneer has the deck for you to get your hands dirty on. It’s called the DDJ-400 controller, and not only will it give you a tutorial on DJ-ing basics, it won’t break the bank doing it.

Priced at $249 dollars, this is maybe the most affordable controller you can actually put your hands on. And this isn’t some stripped-down version of a professional setup (although it does share the same layout). You get real features that come from the big leagues like a dedicated play/pause and cue buttons, Beat FX, and CDJ-style looping controls.

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"Even if you’ve never ventured behind the decks before, you can learn how to DJ," says Pioneer in their announcement.


The DDJ-400 is a two channel deck that inherits its layout from Pioneer’s professional NXS2 setup. This means that it’s even easier for you to transition to a better board once you’ve mastered the basics. It has a built-in sound card that requires absolutely no drivers. Just plug in the USB cable to your computer and you’re ready to rock. There’s even a dedicated mic input circuit so you always get crystal clear sound no matter how much volume you demand.

Every DDJ-400 comes with a free license to Pioneer's RekordBox DJ software, which includes your step-by-step tutorial to all of the DDJ-400's features. That's a $150 value that you get free.

But best of all, the DDJ-400 is light. At 4.6 lbs, this thing won’t sit in your backpack like a bowling ball. In fact, combine this with a MacBook Pro and you’ve got a setup that weighs less than ten pounds.

Once you take the board out of your bag, handles on either side make it easy to set up without fear of dropping your precious baby. That’s another skill worth learning if you want to transition up to the big leagues.

The DDJ-400 is on sale soon, so keep an eye out online and in stores.


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