Researchers Develop New App That Could Extend Your Smartphone's Battery Life

Battery life has been a huge issue for lots of people for as long as smartphones have been around. As great as a phone may be, battery life just never seems to be that great, especially when a user is one of those folks whose device is loaded with applications that they use almost all of the time.

The issue might continue to be a sore point for years to come. Yet if you're allowed to download a certain app in future, you could find a bit of joy.

According to engadget, a team of researchers developed an app called MultiDroid for Android smartphones with OLED screens that will help preserve battery life, but only if you're multitasking.

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So, if you're a smartphone user who makes use of the split-screen function, then you could be in luck. The app promises to save precious minutes of battery life by dynamically lowering screen brightness in less critical parts of your screen.

It does this by timing the way apps are switched and how long sections have been left idle. So if you're having a chat on one end and watching a video on the other, the section left idle for a certain amount of time will grow darker while the active part remains as it normally would.

The software automatically creates dimming profiles when it's enabled and they're activated based on predicted power usage. Tests showed that the app was able to save 10-25 percent battery power per hour, which can, in fact, make a huge difference in most situations.

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Unfortunately, though, MultiDroid won't be able to work on devices with LCD screens and will only be useful on phones with OLED screens, given that OLEDs are able to dim or turn off individual pixels while LCD works differently on mobiles and pixels cannot function independently of each other.

Also, you can't download MultiDroid just yet and there's no information on when and if it will be made available, as well as whether it will be a built-in feature or regular app.

But if it does eventually make its way to your phone, your battery should be happier for it.


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