Netflix Trialing Weekly Releases For TV Shows Following Disney+ News

Shortly after Disney+ revealed it will release its TV show's episodes weekly, Netflix appears to be following suit.

Although there are a wealth of different streaming services out there for us to choose from, there is one that unquestionably stands tall above all others. Netflix. Chances are that almost all of you reading this have a Netflix subscription. Or, at the very least, you're stealing the service from an unlucky relative or a not-very-observant ex-partner.

Netflix's dominance of the media streaming world might be threatened later this year. That's because Disney is wading into the streaming waters via its own service, Disney+. Disney is making an awful lot of promises on the streaming front. The service will cost less per month than Netflix, feature a bunch of new TV shows set within the MCU, and also every episode of The Simpsons.

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Disney has also revealed that its new TV shows will be released one episode at a time. That flies right in the face of the binge-watching culture ushered in by Netflix. In what seems like a reaction to this news, Netflix has revealed that it is also toying with the idea of leaving binge-watching behind. Comic Book reports that it is currently trialing an episode per week approach with some of it shows to test the waters.

The Great British Baking Show has started once again, but as of right now, you'll only find one episode on Netflix. In the past, the entire season has been released in one go like with other Netflix shows. Rhythm & Flow will also follow a similar format. However, rather than one episode per week, the show will be released in batches/stages.

To say that Netflix is downright copying Disney+ when it comes to week-to-week releases would be unfair. Breaking Bad episodes were released a week at a time, as is its spinoff show Better Call Saul. However, Netflix originals such as Stranger Things and Orange Is The New Black are released all in one go. Perhaps going forward, we will no longer have to rush through an entire season of a TV show in order to avoid spoilers.

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