Everything You Need To Know About Netflix's Recent Price Hikes

Netflix revealed that it will be increasing its prices in the UK, but how exactly will that affect you?

We are old enough to remember a time when the humble VHS was king in terms of watching movies at home. VHS tapes were then replaced by DVDs. Blu-Ray briefly ousted DVDs. Now, streaming is the order of the day. We no longer need a physical product in order to watch the movies and TV shows we love, all we have to do is click a button or two.

There are a number of streaming options out there for consumers, and that number is growing. Amazon Prime, Now TV, Hulu, and later this year the highly anticipated Disney+ will join the party. However, the king of the streaming world is still Netflix. Although, they may have lost a little favor in the UK recently.


via Financial Times

Last week, Netflix revealed that it would be upping its prices in the UK, as reported by BBC. There are three different tiers of pricing for Netflix users. Those with a basic subscription that can only be used on one device costs £5.99 per month. The good news is that if you currently have that service, your monthly fee will remain the same going forward.

If you have one of the slightly more expensive services, you will soon be paying a little more. In fact, you might already be doing so. The standard tariff allows users to stream on two devices at the same time. The price of that will be increasing from £7.99 to £8.99. The premium tariff, which allows you to watch on four devices simultaneously, will be going up from £9.99 to £11.99.

If you're like us, you probably have a few people who leech off of your Netflix account. You're forking out the money every month while everyone else watches for free. If that sounds like you, especially if you're paying Netflix's premium tariff, it might be time to pay a few of those people a visit. Either they chip in or it might be time for a password change.


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