NASA InSight Lander Takes Out Of This World Selfie On Mars

NASA’s InSight successfully takes its first-ever selfie!

Welcome to the online world, InSight! NASA’s most recent mission was a massive success when InSight landed on Nov. 26, 2018. Since InSight’s successful landing, it has been keeping itself quite busy by snapping as many shots of the Martian landscape as possible, including a pic of itself!

Although no selfie stick was included in the creation of this heavy duty space tech, it was still capable of getting quite a lot of shots of itself, which were all revealed on Dec. 11, 2018. The InSight took exactly 11 stellar images of itself using the Instrumental Deployment Camera (IDC), which is attached to its robotic arm, according to CNet. NASA went ahead and combined all 11 photos, similar to the time the Mars Rover did, allowing us to get a glimpse of the spacecraft resting on the main surface.


Via Phys.org

It appears the lander has already mastered the art of taking the perfect selfie too! With a great high angle, excellent lighting, and all the right positions, we can definitely learn a thing or two when it comes to InSights camera skills, that’s for sure! Another image was taken by the lander, this time, the photo is of the area that the space lander will remain for its duration on Mars, known as the « crescent of terrain » says NASA.

This image was actually created using a series of 52 prior images the lander took, displaying the countless rocks, holes, and bumps the planet has. Although this is by no means a groundbreaking discovery, NASA believes this is a great start to the InSight mission, and how such shots allow for them to know that the location is safe.

All while a safe environment is important, this now makes it clear for the lander to begin its work! According to NASA, the InSight’s heat-probe is expected to drill nearly five-meter deeps in Mars’ surface, in order to measure the planet's temperature at that location. Although the exact mission is still weeks away from starting, it’s great news to be receiving photos and countless information from InSight, allowing the mission to go off without a hitch!


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