10 Myths On How To Be Successful On YouTube

While at one point the idea that you could, not only upload videos to the internet but also become famous and incredibly rich from doing so, sounded crazy, nowadays it has grown so much that it is a genuine career goal for many people.

Creating YouTube content might seem like a simple idea, but the fact is, becoming successful enough to earn a living is actually more complicated than it appears to be, which has created plenty of myths.

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Because people on the outside of the YouTube business don't fully understand how it works, there are many misconceptions about how to make a career from it, and within this article, we will rank 10 myths about how to be a success on YouTube.

10 You Need Expensive Equipment

When people watch their favorite channels on YouTube, more often than not they are using fantastic equipment which is because they will have built their channel to a point where they can comfortably afford it.

Because of that, there is a myth that the equipment is crucial and a big part of it, with people needing to have the latest camera and fantastic lighting in order to become a successful YouTuber.

However, that simply isn't true. While top equipment does help make the content look crisper and stronger, it isn't the be-all and end-all of defining success.

9 Upload Every Day

One common mistake that a lot of new YouTuber's make is that they believe they need to upload every day in order to grow their channel in terms of views and subscribers straight away.

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The idea that pushing constant content out is one that actually makes sense, as YouTuber's with a set schedule do tend to perform better, but that doesn't mean you have to become daily right out of the gate.

Posting regularly and consistently is the main key to being a hit on YouTube, so worrying about regular daily content isn't something you need to worry about unless your plan is to become a daily vlogger.

8 Anyone Can Make Money

While this is technically true in the sense that anybody can eventually grow their channel to the point where it makes money, too many people go into creating YouTube channels with the main goal being to become rich.

The fact of the matter is, that the vast majority of YouTube channels do not actually make much money if anything at all, so that is something that most people should understand before they begin it.

People are always better going into something like creating a YouTube channel and doing it as a hobby. This shows they are passionate and enjoy it, which normally creates success.

7 All The Focus Must Be On YouTube

Obviously, if the aim is to be a success on YouTube, then a huge focus has to go on creating content that is going to grow an audience and raise the subscriber count, but a successful channel will not spend all their time focusing on that.

A large part of most YouTubers finances don't even come from YouTube's ad revenue, but instead through other means such as merchandising, or sponsorships, which all come through work away from the social media platform.

This requires networking, sending plenty of emails, working a strong PR campaign when necessary, with a lot more behind the scenes work than people are probably aware of.

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6 Just Follow A Popular Trend

Every few months a popular trend will take the internet and social media by storm, and as soon as that happens people will jump on it and gain a lot of success on the back of that, which makes even more people pile on.

YouTube itself was that trend once, and now there are hundreds of thousands of channels to follow. While the first set of people who join a trend, such as the recent slime video hype, will do well, the more people do it the more it waters it down.

Jumping on to a popular trend isn't always going to work and create success, just because that is what lots of people are doing, as the key to success on YouTube is often being unique.

5 You Have To Work With Sponsors

A lot of popular YouTube channels will create content specifically because they have been sponsored to do so by a certain company. A brand will pay them money to focus on their product, and that dictates the video.

Other times sponsors can simply just be plugged at some point during the video with the product in question being highlighted, and because of that, a popular myth has been created that you need sponsors to be a success on YouTube.

The fact is, that is simply not true. Sponsorships will certainly offer a YouTuber an extra way of bringing in revenue, but if a content creator doesn't want to promote it, then they don't have to do so in order to earn money.

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4 You Need A Clickbait Title

A lot of YouTube channels tend to use clickbait titles in order to draw in an audience at the start, and then have their actual video be about something totally unrelated or barely related to what the original title was.

Because of this, the myth that you need a clickbait title has been born. This simply isn't true, as long as the video title is interesting and engaging enough to bring in an audience, it doesn't matter if it is clickbait or not.

The wording is important in YouTube though as Google's algorithms do dictate that, so the focus needs to be placed on YouTube descriptions and tags.

3 You Need A Series

A lot of popular YouTube channels do have different 'series' on their channel, with the idea being similar to that of television, with one series of content being created and then coming to an end and moving on.

For some channels such as the popular First We Feast channel, which brings out regular Hot One's seasons, doing that works and is actually beneficial to the product as it stops it from going stale.

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Old series' get rewatches and it keeps the channel active, but it isn't necessary to do that, as there are plenty of very popular YouTuber's that don't do that and remain a success.

2 You Need A Huge Following

Another popular myth about YouTube is that you need millions of subscribers in order to make any real money, which simply isn't true as there is money to be made for micro-influencers and smaller channels.

Sure, having 10 million subscribers is certainly going to help make you more money, after all, you have more people engaging, but smaller channels certainly can do just as well, as lots of brands now want to work with ground-up starters.

Many brands look for a creator that fits their message, so if there is a smaller channel that they think does that, then a bigger sponsorship deal could go to them rather than a bigger channel.

1 It's Easy

This myth is possibly born out of jealousy, based on the fact that people wish their jobs could be creating content on YouTube, with people often believing that being a YouTuber is an easy job.

The fact is that couldn't be further from the truth. While being in control of your own work and schedule certainly has its benefits, there is so much work that goes into doing YouTube full time that it is anything but an easy job.

YouTuber's have to be constantly engaging and active on social media, cooking up fresh ideas that haven't been done before while maintaining a strong schedule of uploads which requires tons of editing, making this a very difficult job.

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