Newest & Most Expensive iPhone Sold Out In Half An Hour

It appears Apple has done it again! If you haven’t already heard by now, Apple has officially revealed their latest and greatest pieces of technology at their 2018 event on Sept. 12, 2018.

The multi-billion dollar company revealed various iPhones, Apple Watches, and a completely new IOS, all of which will become available within the next few weeks to the general public. Although we still have to wait a bit longer before actually getting out hands on these gadgets, the pre-sale market has already opened up, and sadly, closed!

Apple revealed at their exclusive annual event the introduction of the newest set of iPhones, which include the iPhone XS and XS Max. The XS is set to retail for $999, while the XS Max sits at $1,099. Slight changes have been made to the overall look of the phones; however, the biggest alteration is the newest XS Max smartphone that is bigger than the usually Plus phones. The screen now measures at 6.5 inches, rather than the typical 5.5.


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As for pricing, Apple managed to keep their prices similar to what their new products usually cost. Once the event was over, pre-ordering the products were made available online, which has been done year after year. Last year, Apple was able to sell out all major gadgets in just under an hour, having those who missed the purchase window forced to wait until December for a re-stock.

As impressive as that may sound, it appears Apple has beaten their own record. According to DailyMail, the pre-orders for this year's inventory sold out in half an hour. Within thirty minutes, every single item was completely sold out! The pre-orders kick-started at exactly 8:01 am PST online and on the Apple Store iOS app and of course, you had to be quick! The most expensive iPhone on the market to date, starting at $1,499 512GB XS Max, were completely sold out in both their space grey and gold finished in that same time frame.

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Other customers who were looking forward to buying one for themselves have officially been told they must wait another three weekend for Apple’s next batch to arrive. Patience is a virtue people! If you’re looking to get your hands on something a little less expensive, then don’t you worry, Apple has got you covered!

The iPhone XR, which is considered to be Apple’s new “budget” phone set at $749, will be ready for pre-order online and on the app this upcoming October. It is without a doubt that Apple is still killing the game, in less time than they ever have!


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