10 Most Expensive Blogs Ever Sold

We’ve all heard that blogging is a growing, lucrative business in today’s modernized world. After all, more and more of us are relying solely on the internet for both knowledge and entertainment.

But how much money does a blogger actually make? It turns out that if your blog is really successful, and we’re talking top of the charts success here, major companies will likely offer to purchase it for huge sums of money! Of course, creating a blog worth millions is easier said than done. However, multiple ordinary people with a simple passion have successfully done so in the past. Keep on reading for a list of ultra-successful blogs that were sold for tremendous fortunes!

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10 Treehugger.com ($10 Million)

Started by entrepreneur Graham Hill, Treehugger.com is a sustainability blog focused on green living. Articles featured on here covered everything from green home design to reducing plastic waste.

Launched in 2005, this blog rose to fame very quickly, receiving top mention as the best green blog by Netratings in 2007, as well as Time Magazine’s inclusion in the top 25 blogs online in 2009. Treehugger became so popular, in fact, that a company by the name of Discovery Communications bought it for 10 million dollars! The creator of this blog definitely received his rightful reward for starting such an awesome movement.

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9 Bankaholics.com ($15 Million)

When he started the blog, the young entrepreneur from California had no idea that it was going to be worth so much money. In fact, 22-year old Johns Wu started the blog simply to write about topics such as banking and personal finance. Articles covered areas such as credit cards, loans, and other general information about banking.

After just two years of managing his blog alone, Wu received an offer from BankRate to purchase his work for a massive $15 million! The company saw Wu’s blog as a great opportunity since finance and banking is such a popular topic in today’s modernized world.

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8 ArsTechnica.com ($25 Million)

ArsTechnica, Latin for the art of technology, is a blog that focuses on IT news, but also includes science, society, and politics. Started in 1998 by two entrepreneurs, the blog offered useful guides and reviews on some of the world’s most important topics. In fact, many writers were sourced from professional research facilities.

Perhaps its professionalism and informativeness were what lead to its massive sale price. In 2008, a company offered the sum of $25 million dollars for the ownership of the site! Currently, ArsTechnica is owned by the same companies that own Wired and Reddit and has staffing offices all across the country.

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7 Livejournal.com ($25 Million)

Unlike most of the other blog sites on this list, Livejournal offers users the option to keep a blog, journal, or online diary themselves, making it a unique and versatile site, similar to social networking. The original intention of Brad Fitzpatrick, the founder, was simply to connect to old friends. Little did he know that his creation would be bought for $25 million dollars in the future!

Currently, the website is mostly used in Russia as a mainly blogging and social networking site, although it is also popular in other parts of the world. Registration is not required to view any of the blogs, and users can choose from several different formats for viewing.

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6 Weblogs Inc. ($25 Million)

Originally created by two entrepreneurs for the purpose of informing readers about tech news, automobiles, and pop culture, Weblogs boomed in popularity shortly after development. Rather than being a single blog, Weblogs Inc. was an entire network where specific blogs are connected to one main server.

Some popular blogs included Autoblog, Joystiq, TV Squad, and Engadget. At one point, there was even a blog called The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Its success attracted the attention of AOL Inc., who purchased the entirety for $25 million. Currently, the new owner is Verizon Media, and only two of the original blogs remain.

5 Techcrunch.com ($30 Million)

Focused on everything tech—as the name suggests—Techcrunch has offered extremely useful articles for almost 15 years now. Topics include news, analysis of trends, business, as well as products.

Due to the rising popularity of tech in the early 2000s, this blog was an immediate success. Just five years after its creation, AOL offered to purchase the blog. It’s one of the higher-priced blogs in history at around $30 million. Currently, it is owned by Verizon Media and offers other languages such as Chinese, French, and Japanese, in addition to English, making it popular in other countries as well.

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4 PaidContent ($30 Million)

Founded by Rafat Ali, a journalist, PaidContent is a blog focused on documenting how digital content changes throughout the years. Additionally, it also covers content such as tech information, analysis, as well as news regarding digital media.

Due to the growing advancement of the digital age, this blog soon attracted the attention of several large companies, eventually switching hands multiple times. The Guardian paid a hefty $30 million to acquire PaidContent, describing the blog as an indispensable resource. Currently, the site is owned by GigaOM, who acquired it from the Guardian in 2012 and subsequently merged the site with its own products.

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3 Consumersearch.com ($33 Million)

Founded in 1999 by two entrepreneurs, ConsumerSearch has been serving its purpose of reviewing the best of products for 15 years. The blog contains reviews and guides to purchasing anything, from air mattresses to dog food. Each article is composed of detailed reviews as well as links to purchase the item in question.

Obviously, the site is hugely successful, as About.com purchased it for a whopping $33 million. Today, you can still access the same site. It is extremely well organized, with categories such as Home and Garden, Kitchen, as well as Fitness and Sports, making it easy to search for the item you're looking to buy.

2 Fotolog.com ($90 Million)

The founder of Fotolog had a vision of a simple, perfect social media site where users can blog and share photos with ease. After making his dream come true, there was just one problem: it was too successful! The server couldn’t handle so many users at the same time and repeatedly crashed just three years into its creation.

Luckily, the blogging site was purchased by a large company who could handle the consumer size. Moreover, the selling price was $90 million! The site is available in 13 different languages and attracted users from all over the world. Currently, it is owned by Fotolog Innovation Labs.

1 Ugo.com ($100 Million)

Taking the gold in today’s list is Ugo.com! Originally founded as the somewhat hilarious name of Unified Gamers Online, Ugo.com experienced several name changes but always covered the same topics: geeky obsessions. Gamers, nerds, and geeks alike used this website for interesting facts and useful information about their respective hobbies.

After Chris Sherman created the site in 1997, the blog exchanged hands multiple times until the Hearst Corporation purchased it for a record-topping sum of $100 million dollars. Today, it is a pop-culture comedy site featuring funny blogs and geeky videos covering topics such as popular video games.

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