MIT Researchers Build A House Cleaning Robot To Make Life Easier

Robots may be able to complete household tasks! Put down that mop, put the dish soap away and don’t even think about plugging in that vacuum, because by the looks of it, robots can soon start cleaning up our messes for us.

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory officially developed a system that allows robots to be able to clean up after us. The system in place provides these machines with an understanding of household objects that we use on a day-to-day basis and how to tidy these objects in an orderly fashion. If you don’t like doing the dishes as much as the next person, then count yourself lucky, because those days might be long gone.


Via CNN Money

Although robots may not always seem like the most comforting idea, I mean have you seen I, Robot? It is an extraordinary feat in the world of science and technology for such an innovative idea to come to fruition. According to CNN, these robots will be able to pick up objects and move them autonomously in their proper position and locations within the house. With the technology put into place at MIT, these robots could assist in more than what we already have them doing at warehouses. They will be able to know how to “grab a mug by the handle or a shoe by its tongue.”

Essentially, these robots are the second pair of hands to get the chores done! In addition, the robots learn more and more about the objects in place and put them in a specific category this way they can be cleaned up easier each time, cool right? Well, it gets better! In order to train the mechanical housemaids, researchers put random objects in front of the robot from shoes, hats, and kitchenware.

The robot's arms moved the products around in order to examine their features and judge what they all had in common. Once the robot was finished doing so, it was able to differentiate their proper locations. For example, after examining the various shoe places in front of it, the robot was able to grasp where exactly the laces should go, allowing it to be able to tie shoes later on.

This might all sound too good to be true, but behold, science has won again! These robots may not be accessible to everyone, but the very thought of these coming to creation is beyond amazing.


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