iPhone Users Say Battery Life Has Cut In Half After XS & Xs Max Release

Apple has officially released their latest gadgets earlier this month during their Sept. 12, 2018, event. The multi-billion dollar corporation announced various new models of the iPhone, Apple Watch, and a brand new iOS.

The two most talked about models, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, are coming in strong and have both sold out in less than an hour during their first round of pre-orders. As for prices, Apple is setting the base prices for the XS to start at $999, while the XS Max is starting at $1,099. Although this is fantastic news for any tech junkies out there, many people are not very happy with Apple at the moment.


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Many Apple iPhone users have taken to social media to complain about their current iPhones and how the battery life has plummeted overnight. This is not the first time iPhone users have noticed issues with their phones once new models have been released. Many have often had problems with their phones lagging, freezing, or lasting as long — in this case, battery life is a big problem for many.

Consumers believe this is done intentionally in order to up the interest in wanting to buy a newer version, which came at the right time when the new XS and XS Max have just been announced. Users took to Twitter to express their frustration with what’s been happening, including Twitter user Eric Peters who claims their iPhone 6S Plus battery drops by nearly half in less than 15 minutes since their announcement. He wrote: “Did anyone else’s iPhone battery life just get cut in half since they released the new one?”

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Although this seems quite feasible, there is absolutely no evidence of such an Apple conspiracy being true. There is absolutely no way to ensure that Apple is hindering your smartphones battery life in order to force you into purchasing the latest handset, however, the idea isn’t completely insane. Many have already switched over to the new iOS 12, and have since been taking to social media to continue writing complaints.

Another user, Nicole Grogran, tweeted: “A week ago my battery life on my iPhone 8 was impeccable and as of like, today, it’s game over,” she wrote. Hm, strange. According to DailyMail, Apple has since been reached out to make a comment on the situation and claims regarding battery life, but have still not heard back. We certainly wouldn’t be holding our breath! Has this ever happened to you?


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