10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With An iPhone 11

Well, it's that time again, Apple has just released a brand new iPhone. The iPhone 11 comes in three variations, the 11, the 11 Pro, and the 11 Pro Max. All of the new versions come with three cameras, enhanced speed, and more. Many have praised the new phone as one of the best gadgets to come out of Apple in recent years and well worth the hefty price tag.

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If you're someone who likes to stay updated on all the latest technology then the iPhone 11 will be a must-buy. All this comes on the heels of Apple also announcing its own streaming service, which you can get discounts on and even free months when you purchase the iPhone 11. Here are some of the best functions of the iPhone 11 you weren't aware of.

10 The iPhone 11 comes equipped with Wifi 6 capabilities

Wifi on the iPhone has always been mostly contingent on your surroundings. Obviously, you'll need to have a router nearby to get the best Wifi. However, the new iPhone will be compatible with the next big thing in the world of Wifi, known as Wifi 6.

Wifi 6 hasn't been officially certified yet so it's not easy to purchase a router just now. But once it is, your phone will be working at top speeds, able to transfer and transmit information in the blink of an eye.

9 Your phone will charge much faster with the new chargers

One of the complaints iPhone users have often had about iPhones is both the battery dying too fast and the chargers taking longer than they should to restore the battery back to top-notch working condition.

Typically when buying a new iPhone, you would get a charger with low wattage. However, the new phones will come with one that is much higher and has a special USB-C charger, complete with a Lightning adapter as well. The new chargers will charge your phone quite a bit in a short stretch of time.

8 The iPhone11 will have the new U1 chip

The iPhone 11 has what is known as an Ultra-Wideband chip, or the U1. We don't know a whole lot about this special new chip yet but Apple has been hinting of big things to come down the line in regards to the fancy U1.

It is supposed to be able to share files and recognize other iPhones with ease.

7 The phone's various color options are new

iPhones have pretty much always come in different colors but the iPhone 11 comes out in 10 brand-new colors including Midnight Green, which is entirely new, and classics like red, black, silver, etc.

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But all the colors are still considered new, even if produced before because they receive a matte finish. Also, Apple is releasing sturdy clear cases so you'll actually be able to show off your iPhone's pretty color instead of just shoving it inside a case that hides it away.

6 It has the toughest glass of any iPhone so far

If you've been an iPhone user for many years, you know how dainty and careful you have to be with your phone. The early models, in particular, were known for shattering if you dropped them even once.

Over the years, the iPhones have received new and improved capabilities in terms of how they're built so you might not automatically be required to get a sturdy Lifeproof case (although you probably still should). But iPhone 11 will be composed of the toughest glass on the market to keep your phone safe.

5 If you like taking pictures the new iPhone has amazing new capabilities

The iPhone 11 is equipped with 3 cameras! And Apple made sure that the cameras would be really easy to use. You won't have to do much to get the perfect picture.

Apple cameras have always had a high-quality in terms of being able to do all the technical aspects such as finding the light, focusing, and setting flash without you having to do anything. You'll find that these cameras are even easier to use and can help you frame the perfect shot, even in situations with poor lighting.

4 Apple's Face ID function has been upgraded

Apple's Face ID was introduced in previous models of the iPhone and made it even more simple for users to keep their phone protected. All you have to do is stare at your phone and boom, it's unlocked.

The iPhone 11 will have even better Face ID capabilities, meaning you'll be able to get your phone to unlock from even more angles, in less lighting, and in general from farther distances. Just make sure you're not looking at your phone around company or it might unlock before you can get to it.

3 The new battery life is amazing

In addition to having improved charging capabilities, in general, the iPhone 11 will have a much longer-lasting battery life. It should last you for a longer period of time even without charging, and low battery mode will improve it even more.

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Many Apple users know how frustrating it can be when the battery slips away from you despite not being on the phone for very long. Often times it would seem like your battery was dead just after a few hours of use, with it dissapating faster the longer you own the phone.

2 Arcade gets a new boost

Are you a fan of playing games on your phone? If so, you might frequently use the Arcade feature from the App Store.

The iPhone 11 will come with an update to make the experience more streamlined in addition to allowing you more free games along with in-app purchases.

1 Everything is much faster

It might go without saying but it's still worth knowing that the new iPhone has the newest operating system and is, in general, going to be the fastest iPhone all around. You can expect to see the operating system being hyper-efficient.

You'll be able to update apps without having Wifi and you'll also have access to quicker file transfers and more. If you've ever felt that your iPhone was operating too slowly in the past or had issues with lagging, it might be worth upgrading to the new model simply for the speed.

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