Ranking Every iPhone 11 Color From Worst To Best

While the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are set to be absolutely loaded with incredible new features in an attempt to draw up as much business as possible, the simple aesthetic of a mobile device still remains a key component.

Long gone are the days where you didn't get an option of what color you wanted the phone to be, with ever new mobile now coming in a variety of different colors and shades, and the new iPhone is no different.

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With the standard iPhone 11 boasting six different colors, and the iPhone 11 Pro then having four options, there is plenty for the consumer to consider, and within this article, we shall rank the color options from worst to best.

10 Gold

The gold color is available for the iPhone 11 Pro, and it is certainly going to sell well as many people will be desperate to get their hands on this color, especially those who loved the rose gold hype.

However, it does feel like that hype has started to die down now with the color no longer being as popular as it was last year when every product created seemed to be getting a gold touch.

When you think of traditional gold, this isn't the color that comes to mind either, with this being more of a rose gold tint than being out and out gold, but either way, it ranks as our least favorite.

9 Silver

There is something about the silver color, which is available on the iPhone 11 Pro, that just doesn't look very good. The silver color has been a staple of the iPhone for years and remains popular, but it no longer looks as good as it once did.

Now that there are so many other options, the silver has certainly dropped in popularity, with many consumers opting to have a color that is a little more vibrant and different to the ordinary phone.

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Apple is likely to always produce a silver color option due to its history with the iPhone brand, but when there are so many other options, this is no longer the popular choice.

8 White

For many people, the white color for the iPhone 11 will be the number one option when it comes to choosing a color, because of its simplicity and clean look, it is a very popular option amongst people.

While the white iPhone does look fantastic because of its sleekness, the main issue with having a white phone is the high risk of damage that it will sustain, from being dropped or scraped.

The major problem when owning a white phone is scratch marks, which are almost impossible to avoid if you plan on having the phone for a significant amount of time, which is why it ranks so low.

7 Space Grey

The space grey option is available for the iPhone 11 Pro and is yet another color that looks incredibly slick and sophisticated, and unlike the white, will be far less likely to suffer from scratch problems due to its darker shade.

Not everyone wants to stand out with their color choice, with some people preferring an option that just blends in, which is certainly acceptable, and that is what the space grey provides for people.

While it is simplistic in the fact that it isn't a standout color, the fact that Apple has gone out of the way to make it a little more appealing than a simple box standard grey certainly helps.

6 Product Red

One of the standout colors from the new iPhone 11 is the product red, which is certainly the brightest option available at the current time, with the product red standing out from the crowd in terms of its competitors.

For some people, having a phone that is totally different in design is crucial and that is what this particular option provides, being incredibly bright and vibrant it is sure to catch the eye of many.

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The shiny, gloss-like finish is also very appealing, which not many of the current colors offer, and while it might be too much for some, it is certainly a hit with many.

5 Black

This is another classic option and it is one that's always going to fair well with consumers, with many people wanting a phone that will happily blend in and not stand out too much, like the previous red example.

Black is also a great choice for those who love to drop and scrape their phones as the marks are harder to see and considering its darker color and tones, it certainly has gone down well in the past.

While many people might find a strictly black phone a little too safe and less exciting, for many it is a perfect choice as it certainly looks modern and sleek.

4 Purple

Apple certainly hit it out of the park with this one, as a purple option for the iPhone 11 is something that a lot of people have been asking for on social media in the build-up to its release announcement.

They smartly kept this to a fairly light shade of purple, using a more pastel style color which is similar to what has been used in other versions of the new phone, and that was a wise move.

The purple is one of the better colors as it stands out and feels vibrant and unique without being too crazy and bold.

3 Midnight Green

In our opinion, the best of the iPhone 11 Pro color options is the midnight green option which is a fantastic looking phone that not only has a pop of color with the green but also remains quite subtle.

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While we are not exactly sure what "midnight green" really is, this darker green really does look fantastic on the phone and is an option that is certainly going to be popular amongst consumers.

Having the black trim really does help as it just allows the green to stand out even more, with the cameras looking prominent, this could end up being a firm favorite.

2 Yellow

The yellow option isn't going to be to everyone's taste, with some people not wanting to have such a light color to their phone, but this pastel style yellow really is a fantastic color option for the new iPhone.

The color just has a real fun element to it and will no doubt be a hit amongst younger audiences, and even though it may suffer the scratch issues that the white color is plagued with, the fact it stands out will help.

Thankfully, Apple didn't push too hard on the yellow here as there was a chance they could have gone for a very in your face color, with this being a toned-down version that works perfectly.

1 Green

There is something about the new Green color option that is incredibly fun and suits the new phone so well. It is vibrant, but not too in your face, and different enough that it still feels very unique.

It is more of a mint green than anything, as Apple smartly steered away from a bright or dark green option, which would have felt more neon than anything else, and it really does work well.

While the color is certainly not going to be to everyone's taste, as is the case with every single option on this list, it is a fun color to be able to have this time around.

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