iPad Or Microsoft Surface Go: Which Is Better?

The iPad has cornered the market for years, but can Microsoft's Surface Go finally give Apple a run for its money in the tablet area?

Some people are strictly Apple people and those who are strictly Microsoft people. But just because you prefer one brand over the other is it really the best. Digital Trends decided to put the new Surface Go up against the classic iPad to find out which was the better product. It is worth noting there are a lot of similarities between the two products, but in the end, there is only one winner.

Cost wise, there is not much difference between the two products. The Surface Go is $400, and the iPad is $330. Yes, the Surface is pricier but not enough just to run out and buy iPad instead. It is a consideration, but likely not a determining factor.

Via Digital Trends

Both products are designed similarly with more thickness than say the iPad pro. They weigh the same as well, so lugging each one around will feel the same. One significant difference is the Surface Go has more external connections, including a USB-C connector and a MicroSDXC card reader. The iPad only has a headphone jack and a Lightning port; not having a USB-C connector is not a good thing for Apple.


The software is very different on each tablet. However, each one is primarily designed to support the Apple App store and the Microsoft App Store. It makes sense that each company would want the tablet to support their other products only, so this again comes back to personal preference. What is better on Apple though is the graphics performance.

iPad has a much longer lasting battery than the Surface Go too. The Microsoft battery is smaller by about four hours. In fact, the Digital Trends testing group had concerns regarding whether or not the battery for Surface Go would even last the eight-hour workday on one charge.


Despite the best efforts of Microsoft the Surface Go does not quite hold up to the iPad. The higher cost point, lower battery life, lower graphics performance, as well as lower overall resolution make the Surface Go not as desirable. It was a valiant effort but if not quite good enough to take down the iPad.

Which do you like better Apple or Microsoft?


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