Instagram Now Gives Users The Ability To Send Voice Recordings

Instagram keeps adding new features to ensure they do not lose users. Their latest feature is the ability to send voice recordings to other accounts.

People have mixed feelings about the new Instagram options, according to PopSugar. On Monday, the social media platform revealed that it had added the ability for users to send voice memos through direct messages. It works very similarly to the iMessage voice sending a memo. There is a microphone at the bottom of the direct message, just hit record and then send.


The good news is that if a message is recorded, but the person who recorded it does not like it or something went wrong, it can be rerecorded before sending. Slide your finger over the trash can icon and the message will be deleted by falling in there. The voice message does not disappear once the recipient has listened to it like other Instagram features.

While Instagram is thrilled with their walkie-talkie voice feature, users are split on whether or not it is a good thing. First of all, it is a new feature to Instagram but other platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Voxer all currently have the same feature, so Instagram is not reinventing the wheel. In fact, considering Facebook owns Instagram it is odd that Instagram waited too long to launch the new feature.

Second, it is good for hands-free direct messaging. It is an excellent alternative to typing out a message. Not it is not a record, and the app will type functionality either. The feature is like leaving a voicemail for someone.

The big issue that is arising is not only that Instagram is late to the game, but the fact people rarely listen or leave voicemails anymore. When Voxer came out, it was famous for a hot second, but people are over it. They would rather read a text than listen or send a voicemail. Think about it, how often do you leave a voicemail.

Instagram voice messaging feature is creating quite a buzz for the platform. Users are still undecided if the function is really a benefit or not. What do you think? Was it a good thing Instagram added the new feature or not?


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