Instagram Will Save You From Posting Embarrassing Stories To Your Followers With 'Close Friends' List

There has been a new feature added to Instagram stories, a close friends list.

Instagram is taking steps to ensure those embarrassing selfies or out of control party moments aren't shared with everyone on your contact list. The social media platform has created a function that will allow users to set what a list of people that can view their stories, should the user only want a select group of people to see it.


If you have recently used Instagram stories and seriously if you are not using it, you should be, then you have noticed the new close friends button at the bottom of the screen. The feature allows you to select who can see the story by adding them to the select group. All you have to do to create the group is hit the green close friends button and choose people to add to the list.

Those who are added to your particular friend group, will not be notified of the addition. Therefore, you can change up the list all the time without anyone but you knowing it. Also, no one else has access to the list but you, so again pick and choose as you please. When it comes to sharing one of your stories you can then select the close friend's option or the normal one where anyone who follows you can view the story.

Even though you are notified if someone has added you to their exclusive list, there is a way for you to tell if you made the cut or not. When you are on a close friends list, then that person's profile will have a green badge around it on Instagram stories and newsfeed as opposed to the usual pink, purple ring. Now, if you didn't know to look for this change, there would be no way to see if you are on other users' close friends list.

The new functionality is definitely going to be helpful for some people. It can prevent a lot of mishaps. Instagram is apparently working hard to find new ways for followers to protect their privacy, while still using the platform.

What do you think about the new Cose Friends list on Instagram? Is the feature essential or not?


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