Ikea Leaks Reveal New Smart Plugs, Tease Further Tech Expansion

Ikea already has an existing line of Trådfi smart lights available for consumers to purchase in-store or online. These smart lights have gained some popularity not just in the company's native Sweden, but also in North America and several other parts of the world. With this in mind, it's surprising that Ikea has yet to expand the Trådfi line to include more than smart lights. But that might be changing sometime in the future.

Swedish tech blog known as Teknikveckan has leaked plenty of sensitive information about new smart plugs that Ikea is rumored to have created. Product descriptions, screenshots, and specs have been leaked online for both the media and consumers to scroll through on their phones or laptops. But little else has been made public about these smart plugs.


Via teknikveckan.com

Ikea's smart plug come in two options for consumers to consider. The Control Outlet Kit is $15 and includes an on/off remote. The remote can be attached to magnetic surfaces and works with a 10-meter range. The Wireless Control Outlet is $10 and does not include a remote at all. Both smart plug options are compatible with Apple's Homekit, the Google Assistant, and Amazon's Alexa.

It also looks like Ikea won't stop at creating smart plugs. The large home furnishing company seems to want to expand their tech department to include more products. This currently includes Bluetooth speakers and WiFi speakers, but there's hope that that will expand soon enough to include more products that are similar.

While initial screenshots showed information in Swedish, more have been leaked to show product descriptions written in English. This means that these smart plugs will most likely be made available in North America at some point. However, no release dates have been made known for Ikea's smart plugs- either in Sweden, North America, or anywhere else for that matter. With no confirmation from Ikea about these brand new products ever seeing the light of day, it's anyone's guess as to whether they'll be released anytime soon, or the release date is still quite a way's away.


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