The 10 Most Expensive Headphones Brands, Ranked

Whether it be listening to your favorite album, having a movie night at home, or concentrating on a thrilling audiobook, the acoustics, fit, and style of your headphones should be crisp, comfortable, and cool. However, it is no surprise that when looking for the best headphones, you should expect the prices to be turned up. With features like high-voltage amplifiers, top-notch ergonomic forms, and luxe designs, these headphone brands rival some high-end automobile prices. Not only are these headphone brands outfitted with the best of the best, but they are frequently offered as bespoke pieces, customized to their new owner.

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From noise-canceling cups to intricate earbuds, these luxury headphone brands take enjoying acoustics to the next level. Now let's take a look at some of the most expensive headphone brands available today and add some pieces to our dream shopping list along the way.

10 Master & Dynamic

Luxury brand Master & Dynamic could easily be the most fashionable brand on this list, and their audio technology is one to take note of. Each model from Master & Dynamic is crafted with superior attention to detail, high-end materials, and a nod to retro aviation headphones, making them a modern and classic piece.

All of Master & Dynamic’s headphones come in under $1,000 USD, even their collaboration series! Master & Dynamic’s products are built for the test of time without sacrificing sound quality, design materials, or aesthetics, making them a great fit for everyone’s wavelength.

9 Sony

Sony has some of she sleekest headphone designs around and the iconic brand is no stranger to luxury. Offering over-ear, in-ear, and wireless options, there is something for every luxury buyer. Sony's over-ear and in-ear designs, the Z1R Premium and IER-Z1R Signature Series respectively, both come in at $1,999 USD.

Sony’s top over-ear headphones feature an ergonomic design with sheepskin padding, raising the bar on audio standards and delivering one of the highest frequency ranges. As for the highest grade earphones, they encompass all of the distinguished Sony technology in a compact package, designed to deliver a directed audio experience.

8 Grado

Grado is a luxury brand of headphones constantly looking for the next level of audio precision and on-trend design. The brand has several series of headphones that range from under $100 USD for their entry-level Prestige Series to over $2,600 USD for their Professional Series.

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In between these two series lies the Reference and Statement Series, which range in size but both feature uniquely beautiful mahogany wood cups. If you’re looking for a different yet timeless pair of headphones, Grado’s uncommon materials make them the ideal headphone brand for you.

7 Shure

While most of the brands on this list have over-ear headphones as their most expensive piece of equipment, Shure changes up the game with it’s most expensive option, the KSE1500 earphone model which comes in at $2,999 USD.

These aren’t the only earphones from Shure to surpass its over-ear options, the earphone options are available at the $1,999 USD, $999 USD, and $899 USD price points. All of these options have varying degrees of electrostatic and sound-isolating systems, making each one perfect for the audiophile looking for a smaller profile headset with big sound capabilities.

6 Final Audio

Utilizing the newest technology, like 3D printing, Final Audio is on the cutting edge of innovation. Established in 1974, the brand has grown as a luxury audio company and is currently headquartered in Japan.

Final Audio has numerous ideations and designs for luxury headphones and earphones but their most expensive product goes to their Sonorous headphones. Designed with titanium and aluminum plating in both gold and silver, the 10th iteration of the Sonorous can be yours for approximately $5,000 USD.

5 Stax

Stax headphones have some of the most unique designs around, featuring a rectangular cup for their SR-L700MK2 model which comes in at $1,569 USD. Although, this model isn’t Stax’s most expensive. That title belongs to the new flagship model, SR-009S, with a cost of $4,325 USD.

The flagship model includes a finishing and etching process that lowers the amount of air interference, therefore increasing sound quality. Additionally, the gold plated cups of the flagship model reduces electric resistance, giving you the purest of sound wavelengths.

4 Audeze

If you are in the market for a pair of headphones with customization options, Audeze is the brand for you. Based out of Southern California, these headphones range in price from $150 USD to almost $10,000 USD. In particular, Audeze’s LCD XC model, starting at $1,799 USD, offers numerous customization options.

These specific selections include genuine or vegan leather cushions, polished maple wood or colored alligator skin cups, and the option for a professionally padded hard travel case. No matter what combination you choose, these headphones are sure to bring out your unique style.

3 HiFiMan

Coming in at number three, HiFiMan is an electronic audio brand based in China. Founded in New York City by nanotechnology doctor, Dr. Fang Bian, these headphones are recognized for their superior sound. While one can snag a pair of HiFiMan headphones for $250 USD, most over-ear models exceed the $1,000 USD mark.

The most expensive and illustrious stand-alone model is the HiFiMan Shangri-La, priced at $18,000 USD. Should you like to include the partnering amplifier system, you can expect to cough up roughly $50,000 USD.

2 Sennheiser

Our runner-up for the most expensive headphone brand, we have the Germany-based Sennheiser. German brands are known for their attention to detail with luxury design and audio brand Sennheiser is no different. Sennheiser’s headphones include all styles from in-ear and over-ear, to wireless, to noise-canceling. However, their most exclusive headphones are made for the ultra discerning audiophile.

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The headphones categorized for audiophiles start at the modest $100 USD but go up to just under $60,000 USD for their most prestigious Sennheiser HE-1, Orpheus. Based on a solid block of Carrara marble with temperature control systems, these extras minimize outside interference to produce the clearest sound possible. These headphones are not just a piece of audio equipment, but a statement piece for any home.

1 Focal

The French brand Focal has been producing high-end acoustic systems since 1979 and is renowned for its ability to mix cutting edge technology with notable design. While Focal’s headphones typically hover around $4,000 USD, they went above and beyond for their Utopia by Tournaire headphones which come in at a staggering $120,000 USD. Through partnering with jewelry brand Tournaire, the Utopia by Tournaire headphones are a unique design with hand-picked aesthetics.

The headphones themselves encompass the amazing Focal acoustics and are stylishly plated with 18-karat gold, a total of 6.5 carats of diamonds, and cushioned with perforated lamb’s skin leather. With the precious metals, sparking stones, and genuine leather details, it is easy to see why the Focal brand is easily the most expensive brand in the world.

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