Google Wants You To Buy Their Physical Security Keys

Recently, Google has been adamant that physical security keys are the answer to having some protection from hackers ruining your life.

So adamant, in fact, that they're now selling said physical security keys to consumers, according to Gizmodo.

The Titan security key is designed to protect the consumer's accounts with two-step authentication to the world. Should a service have the Universal 2nd Factor Authentication, this security key will be compatible to bring more protection. It comes in both a USB model a Bluetooth friendly model, depending on the consumer's needs or preferences.

Those familiar with two-step authentication know how it's recommended to boost the use of a password. The consumer can request a text or use an authenticator app to give them a code that must be entered to access their account. This is to prevent the consumer from being tricked into giving out their password inappropriately. Still, any skilled hacker can find an easy workaround and gain access to private information.


Via KnowTechie

While the idea of this physical security key looks appealing, there doesn't seem to be a real reason for Google creating such a product. Outside of protecting consumers from hackers, they want the idea of such protection to be as important as locking up your house or car. With so many people not using two-step authentication right now, Google wants to push its importance by incorporating a physical component with this software. Adding their brand to such a product will give make consumers trust that it will be worth their while.

Despite the news of a physical security key coming out from Google, there hasn't been any word on a release date. Still, Google Cloud consumers can order their own set of keys through a Google rep. They're currently estimated to cost between $20 to $25- a low price point for an item so critical to keeping crucial private information out of the hands of hackers.

It's speculated that more information on Google's physical security keys will be released over time. Until then, consumers can only speculate on how this will make their private information more secure in the long run.

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