Google Maps Will Display Your Battery Life When Sharing Location

Google has made everything so much easier for everyone. It's way harder to get lost these days if you have an Android cell phone and a data plan or available Wi-Fi, as there's a nifty application called Google Maps. It comes in quite handy when visiting a foreign country and there are several other situations in which said app becomes a saving grace.

Another cool feature Google Maps offers is the ability to share your location with a friend via a messaging app such as WhatsApp. This eliminates the need for wasting precious minutes giving someone directions over a phone call, possibly having to explain several things several times, and it's quite convenient.

Google just updated the Android version of the app and they've made some changes to the iPhone version as well. Users will now be able to see a contact's battery level when a location is shared with them. Creepy, right?

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This was first discovered by Android Police, who had suspected as much earlier in the year after some hints surfaced on APK Teardown. Back then, it appeared as though the app would reveal approximate battery levels in layman terms, e.g. "Bob's battery is between 50 and 75 percent."

More and more people have been noticing the change, though, and it's way more precise, according to tests done by Android Police. Instead of telling you how much battery power your friend has left, the app shows you an actual indicator of his or her phone's battery.

So it's really no use lying about missing calls because your battery died if you've already sent your location.

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We're pretty sure Google didn't make this change to make honest people out of us, though. And there's actually a bit of genius in this move.

Generally, one wouldn't care about someone else's battery level. But say you're tracking your kids or another family member, the indicator could become useful.

If that person's battery died before he or she got to you, at least you'd know and not worry too much. You'd also have a fair idea of where they were before the battery died.

The feature should be available on Google Maps right now and is being rolled out to all users. You should see it really soon if you haven't already.


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