Google Assistant Is Coming To Samsung TVs

Samsung TV's will include Google Assistant starting in 2019.

According to Variety not only will Samsung TV's have Google Assistant capabilities, but they will also have better sound quality. Although an official statement regarding the partnership between the two companies has not been released, an announcement is reportedly coming at the beginning of the New Year. The new TV's are set to be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which will take place Jan. 8 to 11, 2018.

Adding the third-party Google assistant will give Samsung the opportunity to offer developers more flexibility, as well as take advantage of the number of smart speakers. The latter is imperative as voice control TV's become more in demand. Samsung integration of a third voice assistant is reportedly going to be similar to the way that LG and TCL have already integrated them. LG currently has Google Assistant, which allows its customers to access things like local weather and personal calendar through the television.


Samsung is expected to have sound quality be one of their highest priorities in the TV. In fact, the company registers a few trademarks last month that are related to audio functionality. Audio spatial intelligence, volume intelligence, and audio scenic intelligence are three examples of what Samsung has trademarked.

It has not been revealed if Samsung will have built-in microphones in their TV's for better-optimized audio for its customers or if the company will rely on phones and remote controls with integrated microphones to operate those settings. Having the microphone built into the TV would seem to be the easiest solution for consumers, especially older ones who could benefit from not having to use a phone or remote.

However logistically Samsung decides to add Google Assistant to their TVs, it is going to be a win for consumers and is a necessity for the company to stay relevant. Voice control is becoming an action that customers need in their life, and Google Assistant is a great product to join forces with so Samsung to take their TV's to the next level.

What do think about Google Assistant and Samsung becoming partners? Does it affect whether or not you would buy one of their TV's?


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